PM Modi interacts with BJP Karyakartas from Karnataka

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a significant interaction with the BJP Karyakartas from Karnataka through the NaMo App, reaffirming the Party’s commitment to effective communication of its good governance agenda across the state. During the session, PM Modi shared insightful discussions with Karyakartas, addressing key issues and soliciting feedback on grassroots initiatives.

PM Modi highlighted the significance of April 6th, the BJP’s Foundation Day, as a day that bolsters the commitment to public service. He emphasized the importance of returning to power to continue serving the people effectively. Stressing the need to bring the accomplishments of the past 10 years to the public, PM Modi underlined the role of BJP Karyakartas in this endeavor.

Expressing his appreciation for the dedication of every BJP Karyakarta to Jan Seva, PM Modi emphasized the upcoming dates of April 6th and May 7th as significant milestones. He reiterated his purpose of connecting directly with the Karyakartas to discuss important matters. Also, PM Modi acknowledged the strong belief of the people of Karnataka in the BJP, citing the widespread slogan of ‘4 June, 400 Paar’ echoing from every household.

Focusing on electoral strategies, PM Modi stressed the importance of winning at the booth level and urged Karyakartas to plan meticulously for victory. He emphasized the dual aspects of election campaigning, emphasizing both Prachaar (propagation) and Strengthening the booth, urging equal attention to both aspects.

During the conclusion of the interaction, PM Modi reiterated the BJP’s unwavering commitment to serving the people of Karnataka and urged Karyakartas to work diligently towards achieving electoral success at the grassroots level. “The BJP alone can fulfill the aspirations of the poor and the middle class, from providing solid housing to the poor to implementing the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme and ensuring facilities like toilets, electricity, piped water, and gas connections. The BJP government is undertaking all these tasks and fulfilling the dreams of every section of society,” he added.