PM Narendra Modi interacts with ground level functionaries of G20 Summit at Bharat Mandapam

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi interacted with Team G20 at Bharat Mandapam today. The Prime Minister also addressed the gathering on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister underlined the accolades that are being showered for the successful organization of G20 and credited the ground level functionaries for this success.

Referring to the elaborate planning and execution process, the Prime Minister asked the functionaries to document their experiences and the learnings. The document, thus prepared, can prepare useful guidelines for future events, he said.

The Prime Minister said that it is the sense of the importance of enterprise and a feeling of being a central part of that enterprise in everyone is the secret of the success of such big events.

The Prime Minister asked the functionaries to sit informally and share experiences in their respective departments. This, he said, puts one’s performance in a broader perspective. He said that once we know the efforts of others that pushes us to do better. He said that ‘today’s event is the unity of labourers and both you and I are Mazdoor’.

The Prime Minister said that in routine office work we  do not come to know the capabilities of our colleagues. While working collectively in the field removes silos, vertical and horizontal silos and creates a team. He elaborated this point with the example of the ongoing Swachta Abhiyan and asked to make that a collective effort in the departments. This will make the project a festival instead of a chore, he said. There is strength in the collective spirit, he added.

He asked for coming out of hierarchies in offices and for making an effort to know the strengths of one’s colleagues.

The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of such successful organizations from the human resource and learning point of view and said when an event takes place properly rather than just happening, it leaves a far-reaching impact. He explained this by giving an example of Commonwealth Games which could have been a great opportunity for branding the country but it not only defamed the people involved and the country but also infused a sense of despondency in the governing system. On the other hand, the cumulative effect of G20 has been that of success in showcasing the strength of the country to the world. “I am not concerned with the praise in editorials but for me, real happiness lies in the fact that my country is now confident that it can host any such event in the best possible way”, he said.

He further elaborated on this growing confidence by citing India’s great contribution in rescue during calamities at a global level like, earthquake in Nepal, cyclone in Fiji, Sri Lanka where material was sent, Maldives  electricity and water crisis, evacuation from Yemen, Turkey earthquake. All this, he said, established that for the welfare of humanity, India is standing strong and reaches everywhere in times of need.  He also informed about the preparations for rescue work for Jordan calamity even during the middle of the G20 summit, though the need for going did not arise.

He said in this event,  the Ministers and the senior officers are sitting on back seats and ground level functionaries are in the forefront. “I like this arrangement as it assures me that my foundation is strong”, he said.

The Prime Minister underlined the need for global exposure in order to improve further. He said now global approach and context should underline all our work. He said during the G20 one lakh key decision-makers visited India and they have gone back as tourism ambassadors of India.   He said that the seed of this ambassadorship was planted by the good work of the ground level functionaries. He said this is a time to take tourism to new heights.

The Prime Minister interacted with the functionaries and listened to their experiences.

The interaction saw participation of around 3000 people, who have contributed to the success of G20 Summit. It especially included those who have worked at the ground level to ensure smooth conduct of the Summit, including functionaries like cleaners, drivers, waiters and other staff from across various Ministries. The interaction was also attended by Ministers and officials of various departments.