Press Statement of Bharatiya Janata Party National President

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The people of our country have consistently rejected the Congress Party, yet it persists in pursuing appeasement politics without any hesitation. When I reviewed the Congress Party’s manifesto, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is this the manifesto of the Congress Party or the Muslim League? The extent to which the Congress Party is willing to divide the nation and pursue power remains uncertain.

The Congress Party’s current discourse on religion-based reservation echoes the sentiments of the Muslim League from 1929. Their pursuit of power seems boundless, leaving us uncertain of the lengths they might go to. Presently, discussions about religious-based reservations and the proposed removal of the 50 percent reservation cap raise pertinent questions. Who will benefit from these reservations? I also want to say that the country should not forget that the UPA government and the Congress Party had made a similar law against the majority society, which could not be passed in the Parliament but the intention of the Congress Party became very clear.

Country has not forgiven the Congress Party for its divisive tactics and appeasement politics, and it is unlikely to do so in the future. They want the country to be divided but their hunger for power should not end. Rahul Gandhi owes an explanation regarding the disappearance of Congress party flags during his nomination procession in Wayanad.

Congress Party owes the nation an explanation for its stance on appeasement and reservation outlined in its manifesto. It must clarify why it is engaging in divisive tactics fueled by a thirst for power. Such attempts to sow discord within society will not be forgotten or forgiven by the country. The Congress Party must be held accountable for its actions.