In the SP era, mafias roamed freely, flaunting their power in open jeeps: PM

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In the heart of Ghazipur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured the crowd of his transparent vision for a Viksit Bharat, pledging to thwart every obstruction posed by the opposition.

PM Modi initiated his address to the crowd, invoking a poignant memory from the past, “Whenever I come to Ghazipur, I’m reminded of a betrayal. After independence, Congress had sworn not to develop this area, forcing its people to live in suffocating poverty. This incident stands as a testament to how the INDI Alliance has consistently let Ghazipur down.”

PM Modi made the crowd aware by highlighting the stark contrast between the past and present, “Today, I feel immense satisfaction knowing our government provides free ration to every poor household. Even during the severe crisis of Corona, we ensured no one slept hungry. Modi’s government is spending lakhs of crores on this free ration scheme, ensuring no one faces the hardships experienced during the Congress-SP rule.”

The PM engaged in an open dialogue with the audience while drawing a sharp line of difference between the past and present governance, underscoring the transformative journey India has embarked upon under his leadership, “Congress mastered the art of delaying work and denying rights, even neglecting our soldiers’ One Rank One Pension (OROP) demand. It was under Modi that OROP was implemented. While dynastic leaders built palaces; the poor, farmers, labourers, Dalits, and deprived struggled. Modi’s government has changed lives. In 10 years, 25 crore people rose from poverty through empowering schemes. We’ve channelled PM-Awas into reality, opened bank accounts, electrified every village, provided water to every household, and ensured no poor person sells land for treatment with Ayushman cards. Now, Modi guarantees free treatment for all elderly above 70 years.”

PM yet again vividly illustrated the sharp realities, outlining the transformative impact of the current administration, “In the SP era, mafias roamed freely, flaunting their power in open jeeps, and opponents were gunned down with impunity. Riots defined UP, with two to three major riots every month, causing immense loss to the poor and shopkeepers. Under Yogi Ji’s government, riots and rioters have been stopped. SP-Congress will do anything for votes and power. The SP Shehzade once vowed to banish mafias but ended up bowing to them, even giving them tickets. Someone who cannot keep his word can never fight your battle.”

PM Modi warned the audience of the grave threat posed by the INDI Alliance to the rights of Dalits and backward classes, “The INDI Alliance is looting the reservations meant for Dalits and backward classes, conspiring to allocate them based on religion instead. They aim to strip reservations from castes like Pasi, Jatav, Lonia, Kurmi, Yadav, Bind, Nishad, and Patel. In Karnataka, they’ve already diverted OBC reservations to Muslims. Their scheme in Bengal has been exposed by the Calcutta High Court just two days ago. Nearly all OBC reservations in Bengal were being given to Muslims and infiltrators. Congress, SP, TMC—all are complicit in this assault on SC-ST-OBC reservations.”

“In a bold declaration, the INDI Alliance has vowed to reinstate Article 370 in Kashmir, a move that threatens to reignite terrorism and embolden Pakistan. But Ghazipur stands firm against such perilous propositions. Witnessing its own transformation, Ghazipur now symbolizes hope for Kashmir’s development. The people of Ghazipur reject regression; they embrace progress,” the PM further added to establish the truth.

In his concluding words, PM Modi urged Ghazipur to stand firmly behind the vision of a Viksit Bharat. Additionally, the PM also requested the crowd’s assistance in spreading the message of his greetings by visiting every doorstep.