TMC leaders swallowed up the funds sent for Bengal’s development: Amit Shah

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Hon’ble Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation Shri Amit Shah addressed a road show and public rally in Malda Dakshin and Raiganj, West Bengal on Tuesday and Shah highlighted the rampant corruption under Mamata Banerjee’s rule in Bengal. In his address, Shri Shah emphasized that BJP can curb corruption and violence in Bengal, unlike Mamata Banerjee. Shri Amit Shah stressed the importance of re-electing Modi as PM for a peaceful, corruption-free Bengal. During the event, BJP State President Shri Sukanta Majumdar, BJP candidate from Maldaha Dakshin, Smt. Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury, BJP Lok Sabha Candidate Shri Kartik Paul along with other party leaders, were present on the stage. 

Shri Shah commenced his address by paying tribute to the land of West Bengal, which was graced by Vivekananda, Ramkrishna Paramahansa, Rabindranath Tagore, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Syama Prasad Mukherjee. He sought the blessings of Bhairavi Mandir, Kali Mandir, Adi Kali Mandir, and Shwetambar Mandir. Shri Shah extended greetings on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. Shri Shah highlighted that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has been working on the establishment of the Ram Mandir. Bhagwan Ram had been residing in a tent for the past 500 years. When the people of West Bengal gave 18 seats to the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2019, PM Shri Narendra Modi performed the ‘Bhoomipujan’ ceremony for the Ram Mandir and the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ of Ram Lalla. Mamata Banerjee and the Congress party opposed the Ram Mandir, but after West Bengal gave 18 seats to BJP, the temple was built in Ayodhya. He added that if BJP wins 35 seats in West Bengal, the state will be freed from intruders.

Hon’ble Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation Shri Shah stated that the BJP has set a target of 35 seats in Bengal. Mamata Banerjee should understand that the people of West Bengal have now become aware, and the ‘lotus’ will bloom in 35 seats in the state, including Raiganj. When the people of West Bengal gave BJP 18 seats, it crossed 300 seats. Now, if they bless the party with 35 seats, ‘400 Paar’ will definitely be achieved.

Shri Shah highlighted that under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi, substantial progress has been made for the welfare of the entire country in the last decade. Shri Shah asserted that under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, free rations have been provided to 80 crore people, up to 12 crore toilets have been constructed, Pucca homes have been provided to over 4 crore people, gas connections under the Ujjwala scheme have been given to 10 crore people, and Nal se Jal’ to 14 crore people. Shri Shah observed that Mamata Banerjee obstructed the implementation of PM Shri Narendra Modi’s schemes at the grassroots level, fearing that widespread adoption would sway the people of Bengal in favor of PM Shri Narendra Modi.

Hon’ble Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation emphasized that he has come to reassure people with “Modi ki Guarantee,” and if BJP secures 35 seats, Mamata Banerjee will lack the courage to deny the rights of Bengal’s poor. Shri Amit Shah stated that the BJP will put an end to the ongoing ‘Cut-money’ system in Bengal.

Shri Shah highlighted that Mamata Banerjee is opposing granting citizenship to Hindu, Buddh, Sikh, and Jain refugees who came from Bangladesh. Shri Amit Shah emphasized that infiltration should be stopped, and Hindu, Buddh, Sikh, and Jain refugees should be granted citizenship. Shri Amit Shah stated that the Congress has stated that after coming to power, they will abolish the CAA. Shri Shah emphasized that neither the Congress party nor Mamata Banerjee have the courage to touch the CAA under BJP government. Every Hindu refugee will definitely get citizenship. Shri Amit Shah emphasized that infiltration should be stopped. He emphasized that with PM Shri Narendra Modi at the helm, the BJP can stamp out hooliganism and corruption in Bengal, a feat West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has failed to accomplish.

Criticizing Mamata Banerjee for giving protection to those who harass women, Hon’ble Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation said that in Sandeshkhali, Mamata Banerjee allowed oppression of poor, helpless women for the sake of vote banks. These women struggled, and after the High Court took note of the situation, Mamata Banerjee’s goon was imprisoned. Shri Shah stressed that Mamata Banerjee is incapable of delivering justice to the women of Sandeshkhali. He stated that only PM Shri Narendra Modi and the BJP can ensure justice for the victims.

Attacking the height of corruption and crime in Mamata government, Shri Shah said that the High Court suspended 25,000 jobs yesterday due to TMC leaders taking bribes of 10-15 lakh rupees for the positions. A search of TMC minister Partha Chatterjee’s home revealed 51 crore rupees in cash, leading to his imprisonment. Despite this, Mamata Banerjee has not suspended him. Shri Shah stated that the corruption in jobs and the ‘cut money’ practice must stop in Bengal, which Mamata Banerjee can never do. Under Mamata Banerjee’s rule, there is electoral violence in West Bengal, with 200 people killed in panchayat elections. Even after Lok Sabha and legislative assembly elections, violence occurs only in Bengal, and the reason for this is the TMC.

Hon’ble Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation stated that Mamata Banerjee came with the slogan ‘Maa, Maati, and Maanush’. She betrayed ‘Maa’ in Sandeshkhali, handed over the ‘Maati’ to Bangladeshi infiltrators, and destroyed the ‘Maanush’ with corruption and violence. Shri Shah noted that now, the time has come to teach TMC a lesson and for the people to support the ‘lotus’ symbol.

Shri Shah pointed out that there was a plan to establish an AIIMS in Raiganj, but Mamata Banerjee intervened and relocated it to Kolkata. There is no AIIMS in all of North Bengal, but the ‘Modi ki Guarantee’ is that by winning 35 seats, the construction of a separate AIIMS for North Bengal will be pursued. People used to farm on the banks of the Kulika River, but Mamata Banerjee’s goons have taken away the land from poor farmers. Shri Shah mentioned that after the Lok Sabha, and when a BJP government is formed in West Bengal, work will be done to discipline Mamata Banerjee’s goons. The connectivity between Bihar and Raiganj promotes business growth and benefits both states. While the Bihar government has given the NOC for it, Mamata Banerjee is not providing the NOC.

Hon’ble Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation stated that in West Bengal, maize and rice are grown. When Mamata Banerjee was part of the UPA government, the MSP for rice was ₹1,300, but PM Shri Narendra Modi increased it to ₹2,203 per quintal. Shri Narendra Modi also raised the MSP for maize from ₹1,310 rupees to ₹2,290. Shri Amit Shah mentioned that the UPA government had provided Bengal with ₹2 lakh 9 thousand crore, while Shri Narendra Modi’s government has provided ₹7 lakh 75 thousand crore over the course of 10 years. Additionally, ₹1 lakh 50 thousand crore has been allocated for roads, railways, and airports. He mentioned that the funds sent by the Central Government were misused by TMC through cut-money, where ₹7 lakh crore sent by Shri Narendra Modi was devoured. TMC leaders, who used to live in huts and roam on bicycles ten years ago, now have four-storey houses and travel in cars. He stated that this money was meant for the development of Raiganj, which TMC has looted.

Shri Shah emphasized that the path to freeing Bengal from violence, halting infiltration, granting citizenship to refugees, and ensuring women’s respect, as in Sandeshkhali, lies in re-electing Shri Narendra Modi as Prime Minister for the third time. Shri Amit Shah appealed to the people to secure a resounding victory for Shri Kartik Paul and Smt Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury by supporting the ‘lotus’ button and winning more than thirty seats in Bengal is vital for building ‘Mahan Bharat’.