TMC opposes CAA due to vote bank politics, despite people’s wholehearted support: PM

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Tapping into the vivacious energy of Lok Sabha Elections, 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi graced public meetings in Bardhaman, Krishnanagar & Bolpur. Addressing the crowd, he outlined his vision for a Viksit Bharat while alerting the audience to the opposition’s agenda of looting and dividing the nation. Promising accountability, he assured the people that those responsible for looting the nation would be held to account.

“I am incredibly blessed, beyond what I could have imagined. If my aim was merely to hold the position of Prime Minister, to enjoy its perks, I could have achieved that in just one month. But I am here with a singular resolve—to serve you, to serve our nation,” PM Modi commenced his speech and added, “my life’s purpose is to fulfill your dreams. I am here to serve each and every one of you, every citizen of our country. Your children are not just your future, they are the future of our nation, and I am committed to shaping that future, together with you.”

PM Modi reiterated his vision and confided in the audience that, “Witnessing poverty fuels my anxiety. But India’s progress fills me with hope. 25 crore people lifted out in a decade proves we can eradicate poverty entirely. That’s why I’m relentlessly working for a poverty-free India.”

In a sharp rebuke to the Opposition, PM Modi remarked, “What are these TMC-Left and Congress people doing? They say break Modi’s head with a stick… They say shoot Modi… But I remain resolute. The more they hate me, the more I will serve my countrymen.”

Expressing the extreme sorry state of affairs of Bengal, PM Modi established, “Left-Congress and TMC lack vision for development and focus on dividing society for votes. In Bengal, Hindus are made second-class citizens and have objections to proclamations, temples, and Ram Navami processions. The TMC government has been protecting the culprit, Shahjahan Sheikh, in Sandeshkhali, despite the country’s demand for action. Appeasement has become more than a human being for these people.”

“All of the families involved in the current political game, including the Congress royal family, the TMC family, and the Left family, are tacitly endorsing Modi’s vote jihad plea by remaining silent,” PM Modi added further.

“Congress leaders will be conducting X-rays of homes, shops, farms, and jewellery to confiscate earnings and distribute them to their vote bank. Even the TMC and Left haven’t opposed them, as this aligns with their agenda,” PM Modi revealed the harsh realities of the opposition and their malicious intentions.

In an open dialogue, PM Modi highlighted that the Constitution prohibits religious-based reservation in India, a stance endorsed by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. However, he criticized the Congress for attempting to amend the Constitution to provide reservation rights to SC/ST/OBC communities, a move that has faced backlash in Karnataka. The PM issued three challenges to ensure that the OBC quota is not reduced, the SC/ST/OBC reservation is not revoked, and the Constitution remains unchanged.

“Bengal exemplifies Congress’s divisive politics based on religion. In contrast, Modi’s CAA promises protection to minorities such as Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Christians, including a significant number of oppressed Dalit, Naamshudra, and Santhal families. Regrettably, in a callous move, the Congress, TMC-Left, and INDI Alliance have announced plans to abolish the CAA,” expressed PM Modi.

“Media and experts are still speculating about the election outcome, but there’s no need for opinion or exit polls. The result is clear. I predicted that their big leader would opt for the Rajya Sabha due to fear of defeat, and it happened. Similarly, I said Shehzada would seek another seat due to fear of losing in Wayanad. Now, he’s fled Amethi for Rae Bareli. Congress will have fewer seats this time. It’s becoming evident that they’re contesting just to win and divide the country,” PM Modi openly censured the opposition.

Issuing a stern warning against TMC over teacher recruitment scam, PM Modi said, “I know how much the lives of the victims of the teacher recruitment scam have been ruined. Due to the scam, the lives of these innocent people have been surrounded by difficulties. The BJP will provide legal assistance to such candidates and will work with full force to ensure justice for them. And you have Modi’s guarantee. TMC’s goons will not be allowed to run amok. TMC’s thuggery won’t be tolerated anymore, only Modi’s guarantee. Every loot, every scam will be investigated.”

Addressing his second rally of the day in Krishnanagar, West Bengal, PM Modi began his passionate speech by highlighting Bengal’s industrial decline due to misgovernance by the Congress, Left, and TMC. He assured the crowd from Krishnanagar, Ranaghat, and Baharampur that those who have suffered under the TMC will be brought to justice.

PM Modi exclaimed, “The Matua community’s suffering is understandable and undeniable. It is only to remove the suffering of every such person that our government had the courage to bring CAA, still, the TMC opposes CAA due to vote bank politics, despite people’s wholehearted support.”

Sharing an excerpt from his visit to Bengal, PM Modi said “Yesterday, upon my arrival in Bengal, I had the opportunity to meet with several Ex-Servicemen. It saddened me to hear about the challenges they are facing. Today, I want to assure them that the Bharatiya Janata Party and our government stand with them. We are committed to providing full support to every Ex-Serviceman in need.”

The PM also made the audience aware of some of the developments and reflected, “Modi ensures direct transfer of funds to beneficiaries’ bank accounts, cutting out middlemen. However, TMC insists on channelling funds through their accounts. Modi’s approach is a direct benefit, while TMC obstructs central government schemes by insisting on controlling funds.”

“For Bengal’s progress and development, it’s crucial to elect as many BJP MPs as possible,” he urged further.

During his third consecutive rally of the day in Bolpur, PM Modi addressed a massive crowd, emphasizing his aim to modernize and ensure quality in India’s education system. He highlighted plans to open more educational institutions across the country, intending to prevent students from struggling to find higher education opportunities by creating a shortage of seats.

“In 2014, only 4-5 Indian institutes were included in global university rankings. This year, approximately 70 institutions are in the top 400, with many even ranking in the top 50. Moreover, the number of Institutes of National Importance has increased from 75 to around 150,” PM Modi also pointed out.

PM Modi underscored the lack of accountability within the TMC, listing a series of scams: “TMC leaders have a record of committing various types of unimaginable scams – from Ponzi schemes, ration, and recruitment scams, to coal and animal trafficking scams. Each scam is worth several hundred crores of rupees, reflecting how these people have looted the public in every way.”

“I have asked the Bengal BJP to establish a legal cell and social media platform to assist the youth who have become victims of these scams. Today, I assure the youth of Bengal: Modi will not let those who have made you suffer rest in peace. I won’t spare the corrupt, this is Modi Ki Guarantee,” PM Modi remarked that all these steps and efforts have been taken to ensure justice for the youth of Bengal.

“Whenever I come to Bengal, I wonder: Is this the Bengal our ancestors envisioned? The bloody and corrupt politics of the last few decades would surely disappoint them. TMC has allowed anti-social elements to exploit the people, capturing villages, hospitals, police stations, and mines. This is mafia rule, not governance. The recent incident in Sandeshkhali is a result of this. Investigating agencies are attacked, and the government supports the attackers. TMC is running a mobocracy, not a republic. The court has to reprimand the government daily. It’s crucial to stop such anti-democratic activities. Strengthen Modi to safeguard democracy and the Constitution,” the PM urged the audience, emphasizing the need to curb such assaults on democracy.

In his closing words, PM Modi reminded the crowd, “Every vote directly supports Modi. Visit every household and convey Modi ji’s greetings.”