Union Home Minister inaugurates the Aviation Security Control Center of CISF

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Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation, Shri Amit Shah inaugurated the Aviation Security Control Center (ASCC) of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) at Mahipalpur campus in New Delhi today. Director General CISF, Shri Sheel Vardhan Singh and several senior officers of the force were also present on the occasion.

Aviation Sector is one of the most dynamic, publicly visible and international environment sensitive sectors. CISF has done a commendable job in effectively establishing the security arrangements, right from the day of assuming the responsibility of the aviation sector. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi  and guidance of Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation, Shri Amit Shah, in the last few years, CISF has firmly established itself in Aviation Security in particular and internal security apparatus in general by continued proactive operational orientation.

Qualitative improvement in the operational mandate necessitates a continuous dynamic adaptation with the environment in terms of operational practices, technological innovations and development of human resources. To meet the current challenges, Airport Sector has set up an Aviation Security Control Centre and an Aviation Security Technology Lab at Mahipalpur Campus in New Delhi. The Airport Sector Headquarters of CISF is working to transform the functioning of the HQrs Control Room from the traditional event based information collection centre to generation of analyzed information in real time to ensure prompt response and improvement in security operations at airport.

The Aviation Security Control Centre (ASCC) starting from today, will have following 04 components:-

  1.  Communication and Monitoring Centre: 
  • It will do the 24x7x365 real time monitoring of  threat calls of bombs , VVIP movement and  other major incidents , Pre Embarkation Security Check (PESC) Clearing time  etc. at the airports.
  • Two way communication with all Airport Units FHQrs/APS HQrs/Sector/Zonal HQrsØ  External agencies and stakeholders for better coordination and cooperation
  1.  Incident Management Centre: All the relevant information pertaining to Technical gadgetsØ  Manpower, Contingency Plan,   Geographical Information System,  Floor Plan and Sand models of airports will be available which will help in quick decision making in case of any contingency.
  2.  Aviation Research Centre : It includes:

Research & Analysis: 

  • Studying and analyzing the latest technologies
  • Studying the throughput and efficiency of gadgets
  • Studying the best practices established in different airports

Data & Trend Analysis: 

  • Analysis of incidents occurring at the airports
  • Analysis of the crowd at departure gates and SHA

Software Development:

  • Updating and securing the database
  • Software development and testing
  • Providing training to CISF personnel
  1.  Data Centre: It will provide the technical support and has the following features:
  • Storage capacity of 300 TB
  •   Servers for application hosting & Database
  • 50 mbps Lease Line from MTNL
  • Airports Data Security through VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  •  IP-PBX with capacity of 110 Intercom Telephone connections for Airports, Zones, Sectors and HQrs