Union Home Minister inaugurates and laid the foundation stone of various development projects worth Rs. 368 crore in Chandigarh

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Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation Shri Amit Shah inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of various development projects worth Rs. 368 crore in Chandigarh today. On this occasion, many dignitaries including the Governor of Punjab and Administrator of Chandigarh Shri Banwarilal Purohit and the Union Home Secretary were present.

On this occasion, Shri Amit Shah said that today 9 projects worth Rs. 368 crore inaugurated and the foundation stone of 3 projects worth Rs. 32 crore laid. He said that Chandigarh is a complete city built with modern imagination. Shri Shah said that due to the efforts of the Central Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, many cities are moving forward and Chandigarh will have to prove itself in this competition and will have to work a lot to maintain the first position.

Union Home Minister said that today at a cost of about 400 crores, many projects have been initiated which are related to cleanliness, education, security, residential facilities and higher education. He said that some vehicles have also been flagged off for the safety of Chandigarh and 744 youth are also being given appointment letters as Assistant Sub Inspector and Constable today. He said that the Chandigarh Police has successfully revived the concept of beat at ground level in a very good manner. He added that today the police of many states of the country have accepted this system by largely following the pattern adopted by the Chandigarh Police. Shri Shah said there were talks of involving the youth through a hackathon to tackle different types of challenges, especially pertaining to technology, faced by the police. Today teams which attained first, second and third position are rewarded. Through this, youths across the country will be inspired to use their knowledge to solve the problems of the country. Home Minister said that the Cyber Operation and Security Centre (CENCOPS) have also been inaugurated today. On next day of passing of the three new criminal laws by the Parliament, the Union Home Minister reviewed implementation of the laws today at Cyber Operation and Security Centre (CENCOPS) at Chandigarh.

Shri Amit Shah said that only yesterday, under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the Parliament of the country has converted into law three landmark bills that will bring changes in the criminal justice system of the country. He said that the justice system of the entire country should function in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution of India. He said that our laws should prepare itself to accept the latest technologies, for this necessary infrastructure should be created with all the facilities from connectivity to hardware, so that the scheduled languages could communicate and connect with each other. Home Minister added that the basics of creating such a complete leakproof judicial system through which the police station, DGP office, court, jail, FSL, prosecutor’s office and secretariat should be connected to each other have been laid in these laws. He said that after the full implementation of these laws, disposal of any criminal case across the country will not take more than 3 years. Shri Shah said that for this a lot of consultation was done with all the stakeholders and then it was sent to the standing committee of the Ministry of Home Affairs. After considering all the suggested amendments, a complete law was drafted and presented in the Parliament.

Union Home Minister said that the opposition took the unfortunate decision of boycotting the discussion on these three bills by making excuses. He said that when three laws, that would bring radical changes in the criminal justice system, were being debated in the country’s Parliament, the opposition members were doing the condemnable act of mimicking His Excellency the Vice President. He said that many governments have come and gone in this country but the dignity of constitutional posts has always been maintained. Shri Shah said that those who preach to us today have themselves deeply attacked the bright tradition of democracy in India in upholding the dignity of constitutional posts and the people of this country are watching these things. He said that the opposition does not realize that constitutional posts are a means of implementing the Constitution in the country and that is why they are considered above institutions and politics. Home Minister said that we have never harmed the honor of a person holding a constitutional post and have never allowed this to happen. He said that the people of the country should keep in mind that when the process of converting these three bills into law was going on, the opposition was insulting the dignitaries holding constitutional posts to violate the dignity of the Constitution.

Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation said that by December 2024, the work of infrastructure, software, training of human resources and complete computerization of courts will be done for implementation of these three laws in all the Union Territories. He said that the Modi government has already started this work through CCTNS and ICJS. Shri Shah said that a detailed time-bound program will be made to prepare Chandigarh for full implementation of these laws. He said that there will be a time bound program will be prepared to implement the definition of terrorism and organized crime, formation of Directorate of Prosecution, giving stability to forensics and filling loopholes in ICJS and CCTNS. He said that meeting in all Union Territories will be held before January 31, 2024 to fully prepare them by December 22, 2024 to implement these laws.

Shri Shah said that even before implementing these laws, the Modi government has already completed the work of connecting 99.93 percent police stations, i.e., 16,733 police stations, of the country online and they are functioning with a single software. Home Minister added that 22 thousand courts of the country have become e-courts, data of 2 crore prisoners of the country are online through e-prisons, data of more than 1 crore prosecutions are online through e-prosecution and 17 lakh forensic details are also online through e-forensics. Shri Shah said that along with this, more than 90 lakh fingerprint data, Integrated Monitoring of Terrorism (iMOT), data of arrested narco offenders, data of National Database of Human Trafficking Offenders are available online. Besides, by linking the Crime Multiagency Center with it, the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal and biometric data of prisoners have also been prepared. After this, the task is to decide the language of communication between them, bring communication software and analyze it using artificial intelligence to crack down on terrorism and crime in the country.

Home Minister said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, India is committed to running its criminal justice system with Indian thought. He said that India’s criminal justice system is also ready to jump straight from the 19th century into the 21st century. Shri Shah said that after the implementation of these laws, our criminal justice system will become the most modern criminal justice system in the world.