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BJP National President Shri JP Nadda on 08 March, 2020 lashed out at the previous Congress led UPA government, accusing it of corruption in the purchase of Defence Equipment.

Addressing a massive gathering during a ‘Pragati Rally’ in Sirsa Haryana, he praised the Narendra Modi-led NDA government at the centre for the defence purchases made in the recent past and said that under the previous governments, soldiers even lacked bullet-proof jackets.

“Before the Modi government came to power, no major defence equipment, including aero planes, were purchased. And when they went to purchase these, there were scams, be it helicopters, submarines, aircraft or machine guns. During the previous UPA rule, there were scams after scams,” he said.

“During Modi government, 36 Rafale fighter aircraft, 28 Apache and 15 Chinook helicopters have been inducted into the defence fleet,” the BJP President said in the rally.

“Our soldiers did not have bullet-proof jackets and now 1.86 lakh of them have got it and we are exporting these jackets now, which show how much progress India has made. Five lakh AK 203 modern assault rifles have been purchased to better equip our soldiers. I am saying all this to apprise you of the steps we have taken for our soldiers,” he said.

Shri Nadda also claimed it was the Modi government at the Centre which fulfilled the long-pending demand of ‘One Rank, One Pension’ over which the Congress “only indulged in politics”.

Shri JP Nadda said earlier governments promoted only family members and individuals associated with their party but now Modi Government’s focus was only on development of people and well being of the people.
“For a long time, various governments ruled but never before anyone did a ‘Pragati’ rally.

Rallies were held to promote a particular individual or a leader. But here we talk of ‘Pragati’ (progress) of people. In other governments, ‘Pragati’ meant the progress of a leader,” he said, adding that our aim was the welfare of farmers, poor and Dalits.