It was people’s strength that enabled a son of poor mother to become PM of the country: Modi

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Motion of thanks on the President’s address

Speaking on the motion of thanks on the President’s address in Lok Sabha on 7th February, 2017 Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said, “We all have to carry forward this country on the path of development. There is an opportunity for India in today’s world order. We can fulfill the dreams of our forefathers If we stand united before the world comity.”
He also said early presentation of budget would be helpful for early implementation of government schemes & policies. Here, we are publishing synopsis of the speech for our esteemed readers:

I extend thanks from the core of my heart to the hon. President for his address to both the Houses of Parliament. He has underlined the significance of the power of people. We all are aware that the power of people has always been of utmost importance to the political system, be it democratic or undemocratic system. In 1975 when the emergency was proclaimed in the country, as a result of which the entire India was converted into a prison, millions of people along with reputed senior political leaders like Jayprakash Babu were sent behind the bars, newspapers were banned. But it was the power of people which restored the democracy despite all their efforts to trample it down in the country. It was people’s strength that enabled a son of poor mother to become the Prime Minister of the country.
When we alienate ourselves from the people we lose the confidence of people . Over 1.20 crore people of the country voluntarily came forward to give up LPG subsidy in response to my call to this effect. It signifies nothing else but the power of people.
It is very natural for budgetary issues to come up during the discussion on the President’s Address. But the discussion was mainly focused on the early presentation of the budget. This is an effort to come out of the British practice and a step towards ensuring the timely utilization of the budget. At the same time, it also aims to discontinuing the practice of spending government fund indiscriminately from December to March.The decision to prepone the presentation of budget was taken on the basis of the recommendation made by the committee constituted by none other than the previous government.
We need to understand one thing about the railway that it was the only mode of transportation 90 years ago when the rail budget was presented. We will continue to face the problems unless the issue of transport is not taken into account comprehensively. This will bring the railway to the mainstream of the economy.
Through this august House, I would like to convey my feelings to my countrymen that I am committed for the welfare of the poor and will continue to fight for their betterment. Again no one can deny the fact that a parallel economy had developed and it is not that this has not come to their notice before. This subject was suggested by the committees constituted by that government itself. In this regard the then Prime Minister had said that it seems that congress is not willing to contest the elections. But we are not concerned about the elections instead we are concerned about our country. This is why we have taken this decision. People from certain quarters have expressed their apprehension as to why this decision was taken when the economy was robust. Here I would like to say that since the economy of our country was robust it was the appropriate time to go ahead. It succeeded only because the economy was in good shape. Secondly, do not assume that this decision was taken in haste.
Crop Insurance Scheme was being implemented for a long time but the farmers were not coming forward to take benefits of this scheme. I request all the Members of this House to go through the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana and find out as to how farmers of their constituency can get benefits under this scheme. A farmer is entitled to get compensa tion under this scheme even if he fails to sow his crop due to natural calamity.
A farmer is also entitled to get compensation under this scheme even if his crop is damaged due to any natural calamity within 15 days of harvesting. The hon. Members should make the farmers aware of Soil Health Card and I would like that small entrepreneurs should come forward in this sector and they should establish their private labs and gradually employment opportunities should be created in the villages through these certified labs. The issue of providing employment to youths has been discussed here. The Government has provided loan to more than two crore persons under MUDRA Yojana without any guarantee and with the help of that money they have become self-reliant and provided employment to other persons also. Our policies should be employment-oriented and the Government has adopted the same. The Government has focused on Skill Development. There is potential to create employment opportunities under Pradhan Mantri Krishi Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Urja Ganga Yojana . The Government has taken a number of initiatives in textile and footwear sectors as a result of which employment opportunities have been created in these sectors and a number of important decisions have also been taken in this regard.
The issue of Surgical Strike has been raised here. During the first 24 hours of Surgical Strike, political leaders had given bizarre statements but when they found that the mood of people is different they had to change their tone. No amount of praise of our Army will suffice. It has conducted Surgical Strike successfully. Our Army is fully capable of defending this country.
We all have to carry forward this country on the path of development. There is an opportunity for India in today’s world order. We can fulfill the dreams of our forefathers If we stand united before the world comity. Concluding my speech, I once again I sincerely thank to the hon. President for his Address.