PM Declares Modhera as India’s First 24×7 Solar-Powered Village

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Modhera (Mehsana), Gujarat

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone and dedicated various projects worth over Rs 3900 crore to the nation in Modhera, Mehsana on 9 October, 2022. The Prime Minister also declared the village of Modhera as India’s first 24×7 solar-powered village.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said that today marks the origination of new energy in the field of development for Modhera, Mehsana and the entire North Gujarat. The Prime Minister said that multiple projects ranging from electricity and water to railways and roadways, from dairy to skill development and health have been inaugurated or the foundation stone has been laid. Laying down the benefits, the Prime Minister said that these projects will become a source of employment in the region, and help in increasing the income of farmers and people in the field of animal husbandry, while also giving a boost to heritage tourism in the state.

The Prime Minister pointed out solar energy will power house lights, agricultural needs as well as vehicles in Modhera. “For a self-reliant India of the 21st century, we have to increase such efforts related to our energy needs”, Shri Modi added. The Prime Minister said that he is working in the direction where the producer and the consumer of electricity are the people themselves. “Use the power you need and sell the excess power to the government”, he added. This will also get rid of electricity bills and will also generate extra income”, he added. The Prime Minister remarked that the norm used to be that the government used to produce electricity and the public would buy it from them, but today the Central Government is working towards policies that allow people to produce electricity by setting up solar panels in their homes and farmers in their fields while also installing solar pumps for irrigation.