‘PM Modi One Of The Most Popular And Iconic Leaders Of Modern India’

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‘Modi @ 20 : Dreams Meet Delivery’ Released

Describing Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi as one of the most popular and iconic leaders of modern India, Vice President of India Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu on 11th May, 2022 decoded what he called the ‘Modi phenomenon’ with an elaborate exposition of the attributes of Shri Modi and other factors that contributed to it. He released a book titled ‘Modi @ 20 : Dreams Meet Delivery’ , a compilation of 21 articles by 22 domain experts bringing out various aspects of the thinking and performance of Shri Modi in various domains as Chief Minister of Gujarat and Prime Minister for 20 years since 2021.

Referring to the attributes that underlined the success of the Prime Minister, Vice President Shri Naidu listed: 1.Early experiential journey of Shri Modi after leaving home at tender age of 17 years in search of self, the people and the country through extensive travels and socio-cultural work; 2. Deep understanding of the struggles of Indians and India and their potential; 3. Abiding faith in the potential of individuals and India; 4. Courage to dream big and the resoluteness to convert Sankalp into Siddhi; 5. Thinking big and acting in scale; 6.Ability to take bold decisions; 7. Being undeterred by temporary failures and episodic surprises; 8. Passion, energy and hard work; 9. Thinking and acting differently; 10. Converting crisis into opportunity; 11. Adopting a bottom up approach for policy making and execution ensuring people’s participation; 12. Quest for details and comprehensive assessment of issues and consequences; 13. Deploying the experiences and results of Gujarat experiments for evidence based formulation of policies and programmes at national level; 14. Extensive adoption of technology for effective governance; and 15. Passionate promotion of the mantra of ‘Perform, Reform and Transform’.

Referring to the quintessential and transformational leadership of the Prime Minister, Shri Naidu said; “Even his detractors agree that Shri Modi is now a phenomenon at the national and international level due to which India is being regarded and respected”.

Stating that Shri Modi’s vision has been shaped by his long years of experiential journey before becoming the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the Vice President stressed that “This is the fundamental differentiator that makes Shri Modi unique in several ways. There is probably no other public figure in contemporary times who had such an experiential journey”.

PM Modi is deeply sensitive : Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah called Prime Minister Narendra Modi deeply sensitive and shared an anecdote that revealed that aspect of the PM’s personality.
During the book launch of PM’s political journey titled ‘Modi@20: Dreams Meet Delivery’ Shah recalled that Modi had interrupted an important meeting to make sure the hungry peacock got food.

The bird was tapping the glass with its beak while a meeting was in session at the PM’s office. After about a few minutes, PM Modi realised that the peacock was hungry and asked his staff to feed the bird.

“To think about a peacock while engaged in such a serious meeting shows how sensitive he is,” Shah said.