‘Protecting and caring for Mother Earth is our fundamental responsibility’

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G20 Environment & Climate Ministers’ Meet, Chennai

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the G20 Environment and Climate Ministers’ Meet in Chennai via video message on 28 July.

Welcoming the dignitaries to Chennai, the Prime Minister said, “Even the oceans will shrink, if the cloud that has drawn its waters up, does not give it back in the form of rain”. Speaking about nature and its ways of becoming a regular source of learning in India, the Prime Minister quoted another Sanskrit Shlok and explained, “Neither rivers drink their own water nor trees eat their own fruits. Clouds also don’t consume grains produced by their water”.

The Prime Minister emphasized providing for nature as nature provides for us. He said that protecting and caring for Mother Earth is our fundamental responsibility and today, it has taken the shape of ‘Climate Action’ as this duty was ignored by many for a very long time. Based on India’s traditional knowledge, the Prime Minister said that Climate Action must follow ‘Antyodaya’ which means ensuring the rise and development of the last person in the society.

The Prime Minister expressed pride in informing that India has led the way through its ambitious ‘Nationally Determined Contributions’. He mentioned achieving the installed electric capacity from non-fossil fuel sources 9 years ahead of the target of 2030 and now setting the bar even higher through updated targets. He also mentioned that today India is one of the top 5 countries in the world, in terms of installed renewable energy capacity and informed that the country has set a target of attaining ‘Net Zero’ by 2070. Shri Modi expressed optimism as India continues to collaborate with its partners through alliances including International Solar Alliance, CDRI, and the ‘Leadership Group for Industry Transition’.