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Addressing a huge gathering in Puducherry on February 25, 2021 Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said, “Moments ago, a large number of development works were inaugurated. These development works cover roads, healthcare, education, culture, sports and marine economy. The impact of these works is going to be huge.”

“In Puducherry I am seeing great happiness. This joy is for two reasons: First, there are many development works that have been inaugurated today. Second, the people of Puducherry are celebrating freedom from the mis-governance of Congress,” he said,
Hitting out at the Congress-led government, PM Shri Modi said, “In 2016, Puducherry did not get a people’s government. They got a Government that was busy serving the Congress High Command in Delhi. Their priorities were very different. Your former Chief Minister was an expert at lifting the slippers of his top party leaders. But, he did not have the interest to lift people out of poverty.”

Urging the citizens to vote for the NDA, he asserted, “Puducherry deserves a Government whose high command is the people of Puducherry not a small group of Congress leaders sitting in Delhi. NDA assures Puducherry – the next government will be a people-powered government.”
“The high command Congress government in Puducherry made it a point to damage every sector of governance. Traditional mills closed. Local industry was troubled. Congress doesn’t believe in working for the people,” he added.

Sharing an incident with the public attending the meeting, PM Modi said, “A few days ago the entire nation saw a video. A helpless woman was complaining about Puducherry government and CM neglect during cyclone and floods. One could see the pain in her eyes. One could hear the pain in her voice. Instead of telling the truth to the nation, the former Puducherry CM gave a wrong translation of the woman’s words. He lied to the people and his own leader. Can a party whose culture is based on lies ever serve people?”

Reprimanding the Congress party for not conducting election in Puducherry, the PM stated, “The Congress leaves no opportunity to call others anti-democratic. But, they need to look at themselves in the mirror. They insult democracy in every possible way. In Puducherry they have refused to hold Panchayat polls. The Supreme Court has said the polls should be held. Yet, the Congress Government in Puducherry did not.