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We will consolidate Bharat’s position as a Voice of the Global South by using the Prime Minister’s visionary 5S approach of Samman, Samvad, Sahyog, Shanti and Samriddhi.
We will further promote Bharat’s reputation as a trusted global partner and a first responder, continuing our humanitarian assistance and disaster relief programmes.
We are committed to seeking permanent membership in the UN Security Council to elevate Bharat’s position in global decision making.
We will continue our efforts to create a consensus among all members of the United Nations on the Comprehensive Convention against International Terrorism and other such efforts to combat terrorism. We will build upon the success of the ‘No Money for Terror’ conference to develop better coordination on countering terrorism financing.
We will continue to collaborate with the countries of the Indo-Pacific Region for the security and growth of all in the Region.
We will facilitate the international movement of trade and services through Bharat by boosting connectivity to Europe via the India-Middle East-Europe Corridor.
We will relentlessly work towards bringing back Bharatiya idols and artefacts that were taken away illegally from Bharat.
Ramayan is celebrated across the world, particularly in South and South-East Asia. We will launch a global outreach program for documenting and promoting the tangible and intangible legacy of Lord Ram in all countries. We will celebrate Ramayan Utsav with great fervour across the globe to commemorate the Pran Pratishtha of Ram Lalla
We have established the position of Chief of Defense sta (CDS) for better coordination in the military. We will further establish the military theatre commands for more efficient operations.
The gross neglect by previous governments resulted in poor infrastructure in border areas. We have corrected this grave error and started constructing roads, railway, telecom towers, optical fibre cables and electricity networks. We will accelerate development of robust infrastructure along the Indo-China, Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Myanmar borders. We will introduce technological solutions on fenced portions to make fencing smarter.
We will aim towards eliminating the threat of drugs on our society, especially our young citizens, through a series of technical, legal and intelligence programmes. We will work on enforcement and reducing demand for drugs. We will leverage Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence, drones and satellite imagery to detect and dismantle drug trafficking networks effectively.
We have enacted Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita to ensure security as well as justice delivery for our citizens. We are committed to its effective implementation through training, online certificate courses, new curriculum in universities and law schools, and many additional measures.
We have taken the historic step of enacting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and will implement it to confer citizenship to all eligible persons.
To move away from punishment to justice, and improve the current conviction rate in the country, we will launch a National Forensics Mission to strengthen the forensic infrastructure.
We will expand Bharat’s defence footprint across strategic locations and partner with friendly countries to protect Bharat’s and the Indian Ocean Region’s security interests.
To regulate and monitor Bharat’s cyber protection agencies and infrastructure, we will develop and implement robust cyber security policies.