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Address on the Occassion of Bhoomi Pujan at Ayodhya, UP 

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi performed Bhoomi Pujan at ‘Shree Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir’ at Ayodhya on August 5, 2020. Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister congratulated fellow countrymen and Ram Bhakts all across the world on the holy occasion. Terming it as historic, he said that India is starting a glorious chapter today, when people all across the country are excited and emotional to have finally achieved what they had been waiting for centuries, several of whom are scarcely able to believe that they are witnessing this day in their lifetime. The full text of the speech is following:

Siyawar Ramachandra ki Jai!
Hail Lord Rama!
Siyawar Ramachandra ki Jai!

Hail Lord Rama! Hail Lord Rama! Hail Lord Rama!
Jai Siyaram! Jai Siyaram! Jai Siyaram!

Today this call is reverberating not only in this Ayodhya the city of Lord Rama, but its resonance is being felt across the entire globe. On this monumental occasion, I extend my heartfelt greetings to all the ardent devotees of Lord Rama, my fellow countrymen and the crores of Indian nationals spread across the continents.

My greetings to the eminent dignitaries on the dais- the enthusiastic, proactive and celebrated Chief Minister of UP Shriman Yogi Adityanath, Governor of UP Srimati Anandi Ben Patel ji, Parampujya Mahant Nritya Gopaldasji Maharaj, our dear reverend Shri Mohan Rao Bhagwat ji, great and learned saints and gurus, epitomes of austerity who have come today from all corners of the country and my dear fellow Indians.

I feel highly obliged to be invited by Shri Ram Janmbhumi Trust on this auspicious and historic occasion. I am deeply indebted to the trust for this honour. Of course it wasn’t an occasion to be missed as we say“ राम काजु कीन्हे बिनु मोहि कहाँ बिश्राम॥ (Ram Kaju keenhe Mohi KahanVishram)” meaning “After all how can I rest without accomplishing the work assigned by Lord Rama”.

India is witnessing a golden historic moment with the blessings of the mighty Lord Bhaskara on the banks of the auspicious river Saryu. Across the length and breadth of India, from Kanyakumari to Ksheer Bhawani, from Koteshwar to Kamakhya, from Jagannath to Kedarnath, from Somnath to Kashi Vishwanath, Samet Shikhar to Shrawan Belagola, from Bodhgaya to Sarnath, from Amritsar to Patna Sahib, from Andaman to Ajmer, from Lakshadweep to Leh, the entire country is encompassed by and for Lord Rama!

The whole country is ecstatic and each heart is illuminated. Entire country is emotional and overwhelmed to be a part of history and witness this long awaited historic moment.
The centuries of wait is getting over today. Crores of Indians, I am sure are unable to believe that they could be a part of such a momentous occasion in their lifetimes.
Ladies and gentlemen, dignitaries, the time has come when a proper temple can be provided to the deity of Lord Rama by moving it from the make shift tent and canopy, where it was kept for decades. A grand temple will now be built for our Lord Rama.

Today, the Ram Janmabhoomi has become free from the centuries-old chain of destruction and resurrection.
Chant with me once again … Hail Lord Ram, Hail Lord Ram.

Friends, several generations devoted themselves completely during our freedom struggle. There was never a moment during the period of slavery that there was not a movement for freedom. There was not a place in our country where sacrifices were not made for the freedom. 15th August is the embodiment of sacrifices of the lakhs of people and a deep yearning for the independence.

Similarly, several generations have made self-less sacrifices for several centuries for the construction of the Ram Temple. Today marks the culmination of that centuries-old penance, sacrifices and resolve. There was sacrifice, dedication and resolve during the movement for the construction of the Ram Temple and that dream is being realized today because of their sacrifices and struggle. I, on behalf of the 130 crore people of the country, salute them and bow before them for their sacrifices which have led to the foundation of the Ram Temple. Today, all the powers of the Universe, everybody who was involved in the sacred struggle for the construction of the Ram Temple, are watching this programme. They are all very happy and blessing this occasion.

Friends, Lord Ram is entrenched in our hearts. Whenever we undertake any work, we look upon to Lord Rama for inspiration. Look at the phenomenal powers of Lord Rama. Buildings collapsed, every attempt was made to erase the existence … but Lord Rama is fully embedded in our hearts. Lord Rama is the foundation of our culture; he is the dignity of India. He personifies dignity. It is with this splendour that the “bhoomipujan” (ground-breaking) ceremony of the grand temple of Sri Ram has taken place.
Before reaching here, I paid my visit to Hanumangarhi. Hanuman Ji takes care of the work of Lord Rama.

Hanuman Ji has the responsibility to preserve the ideals of Lord Rama in this Kaliyug. The Ground Breaking ceremony of the Shri Ram JanmaBhoomi began with the blessings of Lord Hanuman.

Shree Ram Temple would be the modern symbol of our culture and I am intentionally using the word ‘modern’. It will symbolise our eternal hope. It will epitomise our national feeling. This temple will be the emblem of collective will power of millions of people. This shrine would inspire hope, devotion and determination in the minds of future generation.

Once the shrine is constructed, not only the grandeur of Ayodhya would become multi-fold but the entire economy of this region would undergo massive transformation. There would be new avenues &new opportunities in every sector. Imagine people from across the world would visit here. Entire world would come here for the darshan of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. How radically things will transform here!

Fellow mates, the construction of Shree Ram Temple is a task to unite the entire nation. This celebration is an occasion to unite the belief with the reality, man with Supreme God, mankind with conviction, present with past, and self with ethos.

Today’s historical moment would be recounted across the globe for ages and bring laurels our country. This day is the proof of the honesty of the millions of determined devotees of Shree Ram.

This day is a unique gift from the law abiding India to truth, non-violence, faith &sacrifice.

Owing to the situation caused by the Corona pandemic, this occasion of BhoomiPoojan is being organised with a strict decorum. The nation has displayed the decorum that should befit any work concerning Lord Rama and provided a perfect example to it.

We displayed a similar discipline when the Supreme Court pronounced the historic decision.

Back then we witnessed how the entire nation accepted the decision peacefully and graciously keeping in mind the sensitivities of everybody. Even today we are experiencing the similar peaceful conduct.

Fellow mates, with the enshrining of this temple not only a new history is being written, but also history is repeating itself. Just as a squirrel, monkeys as well a ferryman and those living in forests played important role in the victory of Lord Ram; just as the animal herders had helped Sri Krishna in lifting the Govardhan hill; just as Mavale was important in Chatrapati Shivaji’s conquest of establishing Swaraj; just as the poor and the backward people played a crucial role in Maharaja Suheldev’s fight against the foreign invaders; just as the dalits, downtrodden, tribals and all walks of society assisted Gandhi ji in the fight for independence, in a similar manner, the pious task of the construction of Ram Temple began today with the support of the people of India.

Just like, the Ram Setu was built with stones engraved with the name of Sri Rama, similarly, the rocks brought with penance & devotion from every household & village have become the source of energy here.

Sacred Soil and water from all the major religious sites and sacred rivers across the nation, the culture and spirit of those places has become the unique strength of this place today.

Indeed it is in line with this saying –

न भूतो न भविष्यति।

This devotion of India and the unity of the people of India and this great strength of the Unity of India is something that the world needs to study& analyse.

Sri Ramachandra’s agility has been compared to the sun; his forgiving nature is comparable to the earth, his wisdom is considered equivalent to that of Brihaspati and he is considered equal to Indra in terms of fame.

The nature of Lord Rama epitomises unwavering truth &honesty and hence Lord Rama is considered the absolute.
That’s why he has remained the source of inspiration for India for thousands of years. Lord Ram made social harmony as the keystone of his rule.

He received knowledge from Guru Vashistha, love from Kevat, the motherly love from Shabari, support & cooperation from Hanuman Ji and forest dwellers and confidence from the people.

In fact, he accepted the significance of a squirrel with a great delight. His wonderful personality, his heroism, generosity, integrity, patience, perspective, and philosophical vision will continue to inspire the several generations to come.

Rama had equal love for his people but he had a special attention towards the poor and the oppressed.
Therefore, Mother Sita used to say for Ram ji..
दीन दयाल बिरिदु संभारी’।
That is, Sri Rama is the support of the poor and the oppressed.

There is no such segment in anyone’s life which is untouched by Lord Rama’s inspiration. There is no corner of India which doesn’t reflect Lord Rama
Rama is in the faith of India, Rama is in the ideals of India, Rama is in India’s divinity, Rama resides in India’s philosophy!

Thousands of years ago, the Rama who was an inspiration to the ancient India as depicted in Valmiki’s Ramayana, the Rama who was inspiring India through Tulsi, Kabir and Nanak in the Medieval era, the same Rama was present in the Bapu’sbhajans during the fight for freedom in the form of non-violence and satyagraha.

Tulsi’s Rama was with form (sagun) while Nanak &Kabir’s Rama was formless (nirgun).

Lord Buddha was also connected to Lord Ram. At the same time, this city of Ayodhya has also been the center of Jain religion for centuries. This is the ubiquity of Ram, it reflects the unity in diversity that is of India!

In Tamil, we have Kamb Ramayana while in Telugu we have Raghunath and Ranganath Ramayana.

We have Ruipad-KaterpadiRamayan in Odiya, while there is Kumudendu Ramayana in Kannada. In Kashmir, you will find Ramavatar Charit while Ramacharitam in Malayalam.
In Bangla, we have Krittibas Ramayana while Guru Gobind Singh has himself written Gobind Ramayana.

You will find Rama in different forms, in the different Ramayanas, but Ram is present everywhere, Rama is for all. That is why, Rama is the connecting link in India’s ‘unity in diversity’.

Friends, many countries of the world are saluting Lord Rama, their citizens believe themselves to be affiliated to Lord Rama.

Indonesia is the country that has the maximum number of muslims in the world. They are having various unique versions of Ramayana i.e. ‘Kakawin Ramayana’, ‘Swarnadeep Ramayana’, ‘Yogeshwar Ramayana’ just like our country. Lord Rama is venerated & adored there even today.

There are ‘Ramker Ramayana’ in Cambodia, ‘Fra Lak Fra Lam Ramayana’ in Lao, ‘Hikayat Seri Ram’ in Malaysia and ‘Ramaken’ in Thailand.

You will find description of Lord Rama and Rama Katha even in Iran and China.

In Sri Lanka, the katha of Ramayana is taught &sung in the name of ‘Janaki Harana’ i.e. Abduction of Janaki. Nepal is directly connected to Lord Rama through Mata Janaki.

There are many more countries and parts of the world, where Lord Rama venerated owing to their faith or past!
Even today, there are many countries outside India, where Rama Katha (Saga of Lord Rama) is popular in their traditions.

I am sure that the people of these countries will also be feeling pleased on the occasion of the beginning of construction of temple of Lord Rama.

After all, Lord Rama belongs to all and lives in all.
Friends, I am sure this grand temple being constructed in Ayodhya will be an indicator of rich heritage of Indian culture as good as Lord Rama.

I am sure that Ram Mandir being constructed here will continue to inspire the entire humankind till many years to come. Therefore, we need to ensure that the message of Lord Rama, Ram Temple and our tradition of thousands of years reaches to the entire world till years to come.

It is the responsibility of present generation and future generations to make world familiar with our knowledge, our way of life.

Keeping this in mind, ‘Rama Circuit’ is being created in the country, following the holy trail of Rama.

Ayodhya is the town of Lord Rama himself. Lord Rama himself has described the glory of Ayodhya
“जन्मभूमि मम पूरी सुहावनि।।“ i.e“My birthplace Ayodhya is the city of supernatural beauty.”

I am happy that many historic works are undertaken to enhance glory and divinity of the birthplace of Lord Rama.
Friends, it has been mentioned in the scriptures, the holy books that “न राम सदृश्यो राजा, प्रतिभ्याम नीतिवान अभूत।“that is there was no ruler who was as virtuous as Lord Rama in the entire world.

Lord Rama teaches – “no one should be sad, no one should remain poor”.

Lord Rama gives social message that all the people, both men & women should be equally happy.

Lord Rama gives message “Farmers, Cowherds should always remain happy”.

Lord Rama orders “the old, the children and the doctors should always be protected.”

Lord Rama calls for protecting the one who seeks refuge is the responsibility of all.

The slogan of Lord Rama is “our motherland is superior than heaven also”

And Brothers and Sisters, Lord Rama’s principle is भयबिनु होइ नप्रीति i.e “there is no love in absence of fear”.

Therefore, India would be peaceful and happy as long as it continues to grow stronger.

The same policy and practice of Lord Rama has been guiding India for many years.

The father of nation Mahatma Gandhi envisioned Rama Rajya with reference to these formulae and principles. The life and conduct of Lord Rama inspired theGandhiji’s vision of ’Rama Rajya’.

Friends, Lord Rama has himself said-

देश काल अवसर अनुहारी बोले बचन बिनित बिचारी

That is “Rama speaks, thinks and acts according to time, place and circumstances”.

Lord Rama teaches us how to grow and move with time.
Lord Rama is the advocate of change and modernity.
India is moving ahead today profoundly with these inspirations, these ideals of Lord Rama.

Friends, Lord Rama has taught us how to fulfil our duties.
He also taught us how to face challenges and how to seek and attain knowledge.

The Ram Mandir should be built with bricks of love, respect & brotherhood.
We need to keep in mind that the humanity could progress whenever it kept its faith in Lord Rama, and that it moved towards destruction, whenever it swept away from Lord Rama.

We need to respect the sentiments of all. We need to be together,progress together & trust one another.

We need to develop a confident and self reliant India with the help of our efforts and resolution.

Friends, Lord Rama states in Tamil Ramayana, “we need not delay, we need to move ahead”.

Lord Rama has the same message for today’s India and all of us.

I am sure we will move ahead, our country will move ahead. This temple of Lord Rama will continue to inspire and guide humankind/ humanity for years to come.

The self- restraint way of Lord Rama is much more needed today in the situation of Corona Pandemic. We need to maintain the safe distance of two yards and always wear a mask.

I pray to Lord Rama that to keeps my country healthy and happy.

May Mother Sita and Lord Rama continue to shower their blessings on all.

With this, I once again congratulate the countrymen on this occasion.

Hail!Siyapati Lord Ramachandra ki Jay !!!