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Prime Minister’s Address on 68th Independence Day, 15 August, 2014

‘Let us move together, think together, resolve together and unitedly take the country forward’

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort on 15 August, 2014 has won hearts of the people of India who applauded his frank and direct address to the people while raising the issues of concerns and paving the path for future. We are publishing the salient points of his speech for our esteemed readers:

• Dear countrymen, I am here amidst you not as a Prime Minister but as the Pradhan Sevak.
• I bow to all freedom fighters who sacrificed and dedicated their lives for country’s independence.
• Independence Day is an occasion to take a pledge for the welfare of all those who are down trodden, poor, exploited and oppressed and to do something for them.
• Every action should be tested on the yardstick of national interest. If we resolve to live a life like that, the festival of Independence may become an inspiration to take India to new heights.
• This country has been built not by the rulers but by farmers, workers, mothers and sisters, youth, sages and saints, teachers, scientists and social workers.
• A child hailing from a small town and belonging to a poor family is today having the good fortune of bowing before India’s tricolour from the ramparts of the Red Fort. It is the power of India’s democracy and priceless blessing given by the authors of the Indian constitution. I bow to them.
• All Prime Ministers of the country have contributed to the progress of the country after independence. Likewise, all Governments of the country as well as state Governments have also contributed.
• Let us move together, think together, resolve together and unitedly take the country forward.125 crore countrymen have taken the country forward with this credo.
• We are not among those who function on the strength of majority. We want to move forward on a strong base of consensus.
• When I had an insider’s view after coming to Delhi, it looked as if dozens of parallel Governments were running within the Government, each with its own fiefdom. I witnessed conflict and scattering. I have begun an attempt to make the Government an organic unit.
• The machine called Government or establishment is to be made sharper and swifter for fulfilling aspirations of the people.
• Right from a peon to the Cabinet Secretary everybody is capable. Everybody has power and experience. I want to harness their power and use it to speed up national welfare. I will certainly do it.
• Our great leaders won freedom, do we not have a duty towards the India of their dreams, and don’t we have a national character. A time has come to think seriously over these issues.
• Should 125 crore countrymen not have a mantra to ensure that their every step is in national interest.
• Everything is not for self. Some things are also for the nation. One should rise above the self-interest and think about the national interest.
• Parents ask a number of questions when a daughter goes out, but do they ever have the courage to ask their son about his friends or where is he going or why. After all a rapist is also someone’s son.
• Even after independence we sometime face poison of casteism or communalism. How long will it continue and who is going to benefit from it?
• I appeal to youth of the country that the poison of casteism, communalism or sectarianism is a hindrance to country’s progress. Think and try a ten years moratorium to get a society free of all these tensions.
• There are two tracks in the country to move forward, good governance and development. We can progress only on these tracks.
• Crores of families have mobile phones but not a bank account. We have to change this situation.
• Those in Government service are not doing a job but a service, this feeling is to be renewed.
• Just imagine, if 125 crore countrymen take a step forward the country will move 125 crore steps forward.
• Who so ever will open an account under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana will be provided with a debit card and insurance worth Rs. One lakh.
• We want to link poor people of the country with a bank account facility through Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana.
• Our country is the youngest nation of the world. Skill development is our mission for development of the country.
• I want to develop such youth who are job creators.
• We have skill, talent and discipline and a will to perform. We want to give a collective opportunity to the world. ….Come, make in India, we have the strength, come to our country, I invite you.
• A farmer serves the country by filling the granaries in the same way as a soldier defends the motherland. It is also a national service.
• When we stand here on next 15th August, we should be confident that there is no school left in the country without separate toilets for boys and girls.