‘Tamil Nadu is not in Safe hands under DMK’

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BJP National President’s Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Pravas

BJP National President Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda addressed a massive public meeting in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu on 27 December, 2022 and appealed to the people of the state to give their support and blessings to the BJP. He spent a night at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore. Several senior party functionaries including National General Secretary Shri C. T. Ravi, Union Minister Shri L. Murugan, BJP State President Shri K. Annamalai, BJP’s legislative party leader Shri Nainar Nagendran, BJP Mahila Morcha National President Smt. Vanithi Srinivasan, Senior BJP leaders Shri Sudhakar Reddy, Shri Pon Radhakrishnan, Shri C. P. Radhakrishnan and all the BJP district presidents were present in the rally. Earlier, Shri Nadda interacted with social media influencers in Coimbatore.

BJP National President Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda said, PM Shri Narendra Modi has a true love for Tamil culture. Being an Indian, we all should be happy about this. He talked about Tamil language and Tamil culture at the UN General Assembly too. He quoted lines of a great poet Kaniyan Poongundranar at the World’s most prestigious platform. He has made the World aware about the greatness of Mahabalipuram, the intricacies of “Pattamadai”.

He said India is in safe hands but Tamil Nadu is not in the safe hands because DMK is not even a regional party. In reality, DMK has become a family dynastic party in which only the first family (Karunanidhi & Sons) has the power and everything. In DMK, ‘D’ stands for Dynasty, ‘M’ stands for Money swindling and ‘K’ stands for Katta panchayat.

• Shri Nadda said we are here to take care of people of the country including Tamil Nadu while for the DMK and the Congress, they are here to take care of their only one family.
• For us, Nation First, Party Second and Self is the Last
• While for the DMK and the Congress, they think – self first, party second and the nation in the last.
• They don’t think about the nation, but only their respective family.
• We are here to unite, they are for divide and rule. That is the difference between the BJP and the DMK & the Congress.
• Hence, I said that India is in safe hands but Tamil Nadu is not. Better change hands in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu will give blessings in the coming elections

Shri Nadda said, to support the growth of the Defence sector and enhance manufacturing capacity in the sector, two Defence Industrial Corridors are being set up in India, out of which one in Tamil Nadu. New campus of Central Institute of Classical Tamil is being opened.

The enthusiasm I see here gives me immense confidence that in the coming Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, you will give your blessing and full support to Bharatiya Janata Party, Shri Nadda added.

Tamil Nadu is a land of rich culture

The BJP National President further said Tamil Nadu is a land of rich culture. It is a revolutionary land as in the 1800s, the Polygar wars were fought against the Britishers. We also remember that Lord Murugan has been blessing this land. I pray to Lord Murugan that Tamil Nadu should become more prosperous.
We know Tamil is one of the oldest languages. A rich language and a rich culture. Tamil being one of the oldest languages, it has given direction not only to India but to the entire world, he added.