During three & half years, Union Govt completed more than fifty works which will find place in the history of India : Amit Shah

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Speaking on the motion of thanks on February 5, 2018 on the president’s address BJP National President & Rajya Sabha Member Shri Amit Shah said that in 2014 election great people of the country took great decision and after 30 years gave full majority to one party led by Shri Narendra Modi which is giving governance on the principles of ‘Antyodaya’ and making inclusive development for all. Here, We are giving synopsis of the speech for our esteemed readers:

I move that an Address be presented to the President in the following terms:—

“That the Members of the Rajya Sabha assembled in this Session are deeply grateful to the President for the Address which he has been pleased to deliver to both Houses of Parliament assembled together on January 29, 2018.”

Hon’ble President, in his speech has mentioned the achievements of this Government. Its analysis is to be welcomed but I want to add a different point of view that this Government got a kind of void in the form of heritage and Government had to devote a lot of time in refilling the same. In the year, 2013 everybody in the country was worried about its future. Women had the feeling of insecurity.

There was no definite policy for securing our borders. Jawans engaged in securing the borders could not even show their valour due to indecisiveness of the government. Youths were agitated. People were worried due to scams and corruption. There was policy paralysis in the government as far as the policy matter are concerned. Then in the year, 2014 during elections, the great people of the country took a historical decision. First time after Independence a non-congress government i.e, BJP Government under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi was formed. After 30 years, one party got the full majority with the mandate to carry forward the nation and find solution of the problems of the country. This huge mandate was historical. Modi ji was elected the leader of party and he delivered a historical speech. He said the government which is being formed belongs to poor people, farmers, dalits, backward classes, youths women and tribes.

This Government will run on the principles of ‘Antyodaya’ and make inclusive development for all. During three and half years, Government has completed more than fifty works which will find place in the history of India. In order to fulfil the target of ‘Antyodaya’, this Government decided to uplift the standard of living of poor people and make the development very meticulously and in this chain opening of Jan-Dhan bank account was the first. After 70 years of Independence and despite 55 years of Congress rule 60 percent people had no bank account. But, Today 31 crore account have been opened. It was commented where from the poor people will get money for depositing in the accounts but I would like to mention that 73 thousand crores rupees have been deposited under the JanDhan scheme. Hard earned money of the poor people is safe in these bank account and they find themselves linked with the economy of the country. I believe this is a great achievement.

Modi ji, appealed to rich people to give up gas subsidy voluntarily so that this subsidy could be given to poor people and dalits including rural areas. In the era of vote politics, after Shastri ji, first time any Prime Minister dared to ask people to give up something. Lacs of people, honoured the appeal of Prime Minister and gave up the subsidy. Bharatiya Janta Party added some more money in it and initiated ‘Ujjawala Yojana’. After 70 years of Independence, even 1.5 crore rural people had no LPG. Our Prime Minister decided to provide gas connection to 5 crore poor women during 5 years. So far 3.30 crores people have been provided with the gas cylinder and in this budget Government is making effort to provide cylinders to 8 crore people in place of 5 crore. As far as construction of toilet is concerned, by the year 2022 we will arrange toilet for each house. Existence of toilet in the house not only improves the health but also provides to the women right to live will dignity. Only this Government has dreamed for providing house to every individuals and we are moving ahead in this direction. Only our
Government found out the solution of unemployment in the country. Banks were nationalised for the benefit of poor people but they could not be benefitted from this. Neither they had accounts nor they used to get loans. These unemployed youths were directionless. Today through the Mudra bank, crores of youths have been provided with the suitable loans. This requires neither guarantee nor guarantor and rate of interest is very low. Our Government has electrified 16 thousands villages out of 18 thousands during three and half years.

Our Government has initiated Pradhan Mantri Jivan Jyoti Bima Yojna and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Yojana for ailing poor people, the cost of stent and artificial knee has also been substantially reduced.

‘Aayushmaan Bhav Yojana’ has been initiated in this budget for the benefit of the people of the country. BJP Government has worked towards poverty alleviation. Many steps have been taken to double the income of farmers and also to encourage the agriculture. Pradhan Mantri Sinchai Yojna is a unique per se, it will not only save water but also increase the crop. This Government has restarted the interlinking of 30 rivers. In addition to this Government has initiated many crop insurance schemes in the country.

I would definitely say that arrangements have been made under “Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojna” to provide financial support to farmers suffering crop loss out of any unforeseen events right from sowing to reaping. A decision to this effect has been taken for conducting survey of each village instead of block level survey. Government has chalked out a scheme for converting all mandies of the country into e-markets. With neem coating, divergence of urea has completely stopped and its consumption has also gone down. Shut fertiliser plants like Sindri, Barauni, Talcher, Ramagundam and Gorakhpur have resumed production. I hope that with this step there will be no requirement to import urea in this country. A scheme has been formulated for dairy business involving 11,000 crores rupees.

A better initiative has been taken for organic farming. Around 22.5 lakhs hectares of land has been brought under organic farming. Around 3.5 crores of farmers have been given soil health card during the last three years. 460 full-fledged laboratories are functional at present and work relating to setting up of 4,000 mini labs has been initiated. Providing one and a half times than the cost of crop to farmers remained a political slogan even after 70 years of Independence. Government has decided to provide one and a half times than the cost of crop, be it Rabi or Khareef. Agricultural growth rate has remained at 4.1 percent while inflation has come down to 1.5 percent from 9.5 percent. Interest rate has come down from 8 percent to 6 percent. FDI inflow has increased. India’s ranking in terms of Ease of Doing Business, Globalization Index, Global Competitive Index etc. has shown high leap. The roll out of GST is a big step towards ‘One Nation, one tax’ goal in the country. GST has been smooth with 22 states. GST will help in increasing trade and strengthening small scale industries and small traders.

Collection from GST is directly deposited in bank accounts of soldiers, in bank accounts of widows of these soldiers, is used for providing LPG connections to BPL families, houses for poor and rural electrification. No trader would oppose this GST as inspecting Book of Accounts would be carried out by only one inspector instead of earlier 15 inspectors. This is a sensitive Government. 150 items out of 1100 have been kept out of GST. Gross revenue has also increased from 19 billion dollars to 25 billion dollars. We have set a target of increasing the number of airports by five times. With strong political will power, we have conducted surgical strike in POK and avenged killing of our jawans by Pakistan. We have chalked out a tenyear blueprint for modernisation of our three forces and equipped our forces with modern weapons. Government has taken many initiatives for transformation in society also. In order to provide equal rights and social security to the Muslim women, Government came up with the Triple Talaq Bill but it was held in the Rajya Sabha. Since Independence, the Dibyang had to face humiliation owing to the word ‘Handicapped’.

It was the foresight of a sensitive Prime Minister that the word ‘Handicapped’ was replaced with ‘Dibyang’ legally and they were granted prestige. The reservation for them was also enhanced. Positive results of ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ are being noticed in the country. Today, Yoga which is our cultural heritage, is functioning for the welfare of entire world’s health. Preventing the scam, Government have saved Rs. 57,000 crore yearly through Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme which is a great achievement. The new initiative of the Niti Ayog is also becoming fruitful in making so many policies nowadays in the country. I believe this trend will take our country very forward in coming days. I hope the initiative of ‘Khelo India’ will witness a number of Gold and Silver Medals for our country in future. It is the first time when this Government have identified 115 backward districts and launched a special work plan for them. I believe that it is a great initiative.

The Prime Minister has done a great job to get our country dignified in the entire world through his addresses on the various international forums. With the launch of 104 satellites in the space in one go, ISRO has set a new record. I believe that this changes the scale of our country’s thinking. I believe that the presence of all the SAARC countries in the Digital connectivity and Oath and the presence of all the heads of the ten ASEAN countries on this Republic Day is also a great achievement. Our Government has seen three and half years but our opponents cannot blame us for any corruption activity. Government has battled a great war strategically against black money and stricken it heavily.

Our Government is a popular one. The biggest criteria of the same is the public mandates achieved in the recent elections. The Prime Minister has come out from a number of conflicts and it is a great achievement of his leadership that he has abolished dynasty, casteism and appeasement from the democracy of this country. We have been running a transparent, decisive and sensitive Government and restored India’s dignity. This is why we have got public mandate. I request to all to begin a positive debate on simultaneous elections. The Prime Minister has visioned of a ‘New India’ and this Government is moving ahead to achieve the same. The President has also included all these things very well in his address. Therefore, I thank him and conclude my speech.