Three Lane 1.5 km Long Koilwar Bridge Over Sone River Inaugurated in Bihar

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Transport and Highways Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari on December 10 inaugurated the three lane 1.5 km long Koilwar bridge over Sone river in Bihar through Video Conferencing. A sum of 266 crore rupees has been spent on the bridge. The existing two lane bridge for both rail and road traffic is 138 years old.

A six-lane bridge is being made in its place, of which, a three-lane carriageway has been opened for public. The bridge is major road for transport between Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Speaking on the occasion, Shri Gadkari said, the Ministry has approved a four-lane elevated road from Bharauli (Buxar) to Haidaria for providing connectivity to the Poorvanchal Expressway.

• During the inauguration, Shri Gadkari informed that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has approved a 4-lane elevated road from Bharauli to Haidaria to provide connectivity to the Poorvanchal expressway. Its DRP will be ready by June 2021.
• The widening of 70 km Mokama-Munger road, for which DPR will be completed by April 2021 has also been approved.
• The approval has been given to the proposal of 4 laning of Khagaria-Purnea road and its DPR will also be ready by April 2021.
• The 4 laning work of Muzaffarpur-Sitamarhi-Sonewarsha road, which is also a part of Ramjanki Marg, will further simplify the travel to Jakanpur Dham in Nepal and its DPR will be ready by May 2021.
• The 7-km four-lane Koshi Bridge which is worth Rs. 1,478 crores is likely to be completed by 2023.
• The tender for Vikramshila Bridge which is 4 km long and worth Rs. 1,110 crores have also been issued and its construction is most likely to be completed in 2024.
• The work on the Buxar bridge will also be completed by 2021. It will provide an alternative route of 250 km which will take only 6 to 8 hours for travel.
• A five km long bridge of four-lane over Ganga river has also been announced near the existing bridge in Patna and its agreement was signed in October 2020. It will be a unique bridge with a 242-meter span which will facilitate the movement of large ships under it.