Truth prevails, falsehood nailed!

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The conspiratorial politics of falsehood once again got defeated in the highest temple of justice. The pernicious attempt to mislead the people through relentless propaganda by manufacturing doubts and suspicion now stands exposed. The Supreme Court has debunked the sham theories constructed around the death of Justice Loya in strongest possible terms. It was an attempt ‘scandalous’ as per the highest court of the country which amounted to attack on judiciary. A political conspiracy hatched at the behest of Congress and its cohorts was unmasked and nailed by the Supreme Court. It is slap on the face of those who believe that through conspiracies and false propaganda the judiciary can be pressurised to deliver verdict for their political gains. Once again the judiciary has refused to play in the hands of these conspirators and while dispensing justice brought truth before the nation. Not only this the highest court of the land while taking the petitioners to task reprimanded them for their mischievous political intent, misuse of the provision of PIL and for leading an assault on the judiciary itself. It is now the moral responsibility of those behind this conspiratorial politics to apologise for their extremely condemnable acts.

It is not the first time that the Congress and its cohorts have tried their hands in somehow misleading the public opinion by creating an atmosphere of doubts and suspicion through unfounded allegations and cooked up stories. But they rarely try to learn from the earlier drubbings that they received at the hands of the courts. In fact they have roundly failed in substantiating any of their charges against any of BJP leaders whom they wanted to target for political gains. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP National President Amit Shah are the most recent examples whom they tried to corner through their malicious propaganda and false charges but the courts in the final denouement not only rejected the politically motivated charges but exposed the political conspiracies in strongest possible terms.

In the Justice Loya case the court has rightly observed that courts should not become grounds for political rivalries but as Congress has realized the fact that it has lost grounds among people it’s trying to somehow mislead the courts in the country. In one of the most criminal acts while in government Congress tried to raise the bogey of ‘Saffron Terrorism’ even at the cost of maligning the name of the country. It has now been established beyond doubt that a criminal conspiracy was hatched at the highest levels in the government to create a hoax in the name of ‘Saffron Terrorism’ while arresting innocents and torturing them to extract confessions and by booking them under stringent provisions of law. But as the facts reveal now, the criminal conspiracy stands exposed and the innocents arrested have been released by the court. The Congress bid to construct the bogey of ‘Saffron Terrorism’ while leading a direct assault on national ethos have been defeated but it still resists an apology to the people of India.

The Congress is in habit of misusing its office when in power and weakening the democratic institution of the country. At the same time it seeks to demean, demoralise and demonize democratic institutions when out of power trying to influence them through its propaganda and pressure politics. It has undermined every constitutional institution, imposed emergency, attacked judiciary, censored media, gagged activists and tried to sabotage democracy in the country to remain clinging to the power. Now, when it has been ousted from the power by the people, it’s trying to mislead the people by hook or crook. The recent acquittal of innocent victims of its criminal experiment of the hoax called ‘Saffron Terror’ and strong words to its cohorts on Justice Loya case are sufficient enough to hang its head in shame. But given the shameful track record of Congress leaders of today, it remains a distant dream to see them introspecting and correcting their political course. It seems that its obsession with propaganda politics, conspiracies, falsehood and betrayal of national cause will not allow it to become a serious political player in the country.