US-India Strategic Partnership Forum congratulates PM Modi

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John Chambers, chairman of USISPF, congratulated Prime Minister Shri Modi for this achievement. “India’s future is brighter than ever thanks to the government’s willingness to embrace tough but essential economic reforms, such as demonetization and creating the Goods and Service Tax,” he said.

“This, in combination with unprecedented investments in its digital infrastructure and workforce, will only continue to strengthen the U.S.-India strategic partnership for years to come,” Chambers said. India climbing a historic 30 spaces forward is due to reforms and policy changes that have been made by the Modi government, USISPF said. This year’s ranking represents India’s highest ever increase and “signals the momentum for reforms” being made under the leadership of Shri Modi, it said.

The improvements over the past year have put India on this year’s World Bank list of top ten improvers for doing business among all countries across the world, said president of USISPF.