VEER BAL DIWAS is a day of a new beginning for the Nation : PM

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi participated in a historic programme marking ‘Veer Bal Diwas’ at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in Delhi on 26 December. During the programme, the Prime Minister attended a ‘Shabad Kirtan’ performed by about three hundred Baal Kirtanis. The Prime Minister also flagged off a march-past by about three thousand children in Delhi on this momentous occasion.

On 9th January 2022, the day of the Prakash Purab of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the Prime Minister had announced that 26th December would be observed as ‘Veer Bal Diwas’, to mark the martyrdom of sons of Sri Guru Gobind Singh – Sahibzadas Baba Zorawar Singh Ji and Baba Fateh Singh Ji.

India is celebrating the first Veer Bal Diwas, today : Modi

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister remarked that India is celebrating the first Veer Bal Diwas, today. It is a day of a new beginning for the nation when we all come together to bow our heads for the sacrifices laid down in the past. “Shaheedi Saptah and Veer Bal Diwas is not just a cauldron of emotions but a source of infinite inspiration”, the Prime Minister said.

Shri Modi said that Veer Bal Diwas will remind us Age does not matter when it comes to extreme valour and sacrifice. Veer Bal Diwas will remind us of the immense contribution of ten Sikh gurus and the sacrifice of the Sikh tradition for protecting the honour of the nation. “Veer Bal Diwas will tell us what is India and what is its identity and every year, Veer Bal Diwas will inspire us to recognize our past and make our future. This will also remind everyone about the strength of our young generation”, the Prime Minister Added.

The Prime Minister paid grateful tributes to the Veer Sahibzades, Gurus and Mata Gurjari. “I consider it to be the good fortune of our government that we got the opportunity to declare 26th December as Veer Bal Diwas”, he said.

Prime Minister said, “On one hand there were heights of terror and religious fanaticism, while on the other hand, there was the pinnacle of spirituality and kindness to see God in every human being. The Prime Minister further informed that in the midst of all this, the Mughals possessed an army of millions, while the Veer Sahebzades of Guru had their courage. They did not bow down to the Mughals even though they were alone. This is when the Mughals walled them in alive. It is their bravery that has been a source of inspiration for centuries

Resolution of ‘Rastra Pratham’- Nation First

The Prime Minister said, “Resolution of ‘Rastra Pratham’- Nation First, was the unshakable resolve of Guru Gobind Singh Ji”. Shri Modi corroborated the point by recounting the immense personal sacrifice of his family. “This tradition of ‘Nation First’ is a huge inspiration for us”, the Prime Minister stressed. Shri Modi commented that the future of India’s coming generations will depend upon their source of inspiration. Recounting innumerable examples of inspiring children like Bharat, Bhakt Pruhlaad, Nachiketa and Dhruv, Bal Ram, Luv-Kush and Bal Krishna, the Prime Minister said that from ancient times to the modern period brave boys and girls have been a reflection of India’s valour.