Fixed match between UDF and LDF is going to be rejected by Kerala: PM Modi

Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Palakkad, Kerala on March, 30.

Here are the key points of his speech:

  • I am delighted to be in Palakkad and address my first rally in the state from here. The people of Palakkad have had a close bond with our Party. Today, I have come among you to seek your blessings for the BJP in the upcoming state elections. The fixed match of UDF and LDF is going to be rejected by Kerala. 
  • Over the last few years, the politics of Kerala is seeing a major shift. This shift is being driven by the aspirations of the youth, especially the first time voter in the state. The first time voter of Kerala is very disappointed with LDF and UDF. For many years, the worst kept secret of Kerala politics was the friendly agreement of UDF and LDF. Now, the first time voter of Kerala is asking- what is this match fixing? Five years one loots, five years the other loots.
  • About UDF and LDF, the youth of Kerala is saying: Different name, working same. Both have their marked areas for making money. UDF has not even spared the rays of the sun. About LDF it can be said: Judas betrayed Lord Christ for a few pieces of silver. LDF has betrayed Kerala for a few pieces of gold.
  • The BJP’s vision for Kerala is forward looking and aspirational. That is why, the youth of the state, the professional communities across the state, are openly supporting the BJP. Across India too, this trend is being seen.
  • The high number of road-blocks by UDF and LDF has made the speed of development slower. That is why, the time has come for FAST development in Kerala, which BJP promises. By FAST, what I mean is: F for Fisheries and Fertilizers. A for Agriculture and Ayurveda. S for Skill development and Social justice. T for Tourism and Technology.
  • Our Government is undertaking many steps for the growth of agriculture and the welfare of farmers. For many years, Governments promised MSP hike but it was our Government that had the honour of raising the MSP for farmers. 
  • Kerala is blessed with many talented youngsters. Our Government’s skill development efforts are aimed at furthering youth empowerment. After the NDA took office at the Centre, more IITs have been built, more ITIs have been built.
  • Kerala and tourism have a close link. Sadly, UDF and LDF have not done much to improve tourism infrastructure here. When we work towards improving connectivity and building road infrastructure, it will naturally boost tourism. In the last seven years, India has improved its position in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Rankings.
  • There is one important topic on which I want to speak on from this land of Palakkad. It is about the LDF and UDF’s direct attack on Kerala’s culture. These parties are ashamed of the culture of our land. Their leaders abuse our traditions and ethos. The LDF Government should be ashamed of showering Lathis on innocent devotees. UDF should be ashamed of remaining silent when this was happening. I am proud to belong to a Party that has, is and will always defend the culture of our land.
  • I want to tell the LDF & UDF: Your lathis will not scare us. If you abuse our culture, we will not be silent spectators. Our state unit President Surendran Ji was arrested and ill-treated by the Kerala Government. What was his crime? That he spoke for Kerala’s traditions?
  • I want to talk about the issue of political killings across Kerala. Left parties have been in power many times here. But their leaders still behave like junior level goons or party leaders. Under their eyes & with their blessings, political rivals are killed, hacked, beaten. This is not good in a democracy. In a democracy we can have political differences. But, violence is not acceptable. So many of our young BJP Karyakartas have lost their lives. A BJP Government in Kerala will stop this culture of violence.
  • The youth of Kerala want change. BJP assures that change. Thus, when you vote on the 6th, vote for good governance and development, Vote for a government that guarantees peace and prosperity. Vote for BJP.