Every village gets electricity now

Leisang in Manipur became the last village to get electricity in India. A village housing around 38 families with a population little more than 200 people finds itself connected to […]

Truth prevails, falsehood nailed!

The conspiratorial politics of falsehood once again got defeated in the highest temple of justice. The pernicious attempt to mislead the people through relentless propaganda by manufacturing doubts and suspicion […]

BJP- A symbol of hope for masses

38th Foundation Day: 6 April, 2018 As BJP rededicates itself to the goals of national reconstruction on its 38th Foundation Day on 6th April 2018, it can draw satisfaction for […]

A hopelessly futile exercise

As Congress tried to find its way through its 84th plenary session, it further landed itself in more chaos and din. Acknowledging the fact that it is incapable of taking […]

Congress’ divisive politics defeated

The people of Gujarat and Himachal have delivered a phenomenal verdict. It is a clear verdict delivered amid the din of misleading noises raised by the Congress and its pawns […]