Reforms for a new India in the 21st century

Nirmala Sitharaman This year, we mark 30 years of the deregulation of the Indian economy. It began, as some would argue, under the compulsion of the Fund and the Bank, with a looming balance of payment crisis. By then, the economy was almost completely constricted by the rule of licences, quotas and discretion, with no

“Integral Humanism”

…Continuing from previous issue BHARATIYA CULTURE IS INTEGRATED The first characteristic of Bharatiya culture is that it looks upon life as an integrated whole. It has an integrated view point. To think of parts may be proper for a specialist but it is not useful from the practical standpoint. The confusion in the West arises

Former BJP MP Sharad Tripathi no more

Former BJP MP from Sant Kabir Nagar Shri Sharad Tripathi (49) passed away on 01 July , 2021. He is survived by his wife, two daughters and two sons. Shri Tripathi was elected as a member of parliament from the Sant Kabir Nagar Lok Sabha seat, Uttar Pradesh in 2014. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi,