14 states now have 100% household electrification

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Under ambitious Saubhagya Yojana, the Narendra Modi government has now achieved 100% household electrification in 14 states. This year, in April, the NDA government got each village in India electrified. The government had set the target of 100% household electrification by March 2019. But the power ministry reiterated on several occasions that it will achieve the aim by the end of this year.

According to Saubhagya Yojana real-time dashboard, 20,77,57,408 households have been electrified, while 95,77,641 are yet to be electrified. With 1, 50,57,882 households, West Bengal has topped the list highest house electrification. So far, 14 states have achieved 100% household electrification; here’s the list:

West Bengal: 1,50,57,882 households

Bihar: 1,39,73,122 households

Madhya Pradesh: 1,26,21,007 households

Andhra Pradesh: 1,14,25,248 households

Gujarat: 1,14,14,532 households

Tamil Nadu: 1,02,85,848 households

Kerala: 98,13,032 households

Telangana: 65,13,375 households

Punjab: 36,89,970 households

Jammu & Kashmir: 24,39,547 households

Tripura: 7,88,783 households

Mizoram: 2,41,682 households

Goa: 1,28,208 households

Puducherry: 95,616 households

According to the government, each day 1 lakh households are getting electrified. If the government accelerates the process from the current 1.1 lakh to 1.9 lakh households a day, the December-end deadline can be achieved.