BJP is confident of emerging as strong alternative to the TRS in the coming elections: Amit Shah

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BJP National President Shri Amit Shah was on three-day tour of Telangana. He wound up his three-day tour on May 25. During the Pravas he has set a single point agenda—victory in 2019.

During the pravas he attended public meetings and asserted that that the party would emerge as a strong alternative to the Telangana Rashtra Samiti by 2019 elections. He added that the party was confident of forming the government on its own in the new State. He said “The BJP has exposed the govt. inaction in reaching the grass root level in crucial issues like weaker section housing. The BJP is confident of emerging as strong alternative to the TRS in the coming elections.”

He said the party is working with full vigour to make Telangana the gateway for its foray into south India and that the party is “prepared to do whatever needed for making Telangana an important constituent of the development process initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi Government.”

The BJP Government at center has done so much for the State which no other government had done for the past 70 years. Quoting figures of the allocations made to Telangana in the XIV Finance Commission, he said the BJP had made 1 lakh crore allocations to Telangana. This includes share in Central taxes which is expected to be to the tune of96,706 crore in five years from the existing less than 50,000 crore, sanction of infrastructure projects worth 40,800 crore, grant-in-aid enhanced from 2,100 crore to over 9,000 crore — and local bodies grants increased to 8,764 crore. The Centre has also sanctioned premier institutions like the AIIMS and universities in various disciplines.

During their Pravas he also addressed meeting of booth level workers at Pedadevulapalli village. In the meeting he appealed to the people to extend their support to the BJP in making Telangana a strong forte for the party.