BJP will win 2019 general elections with larger majority: Amit Shah

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BJP National President Shri Amit Shah was on a three-day Pravas to UP beginning from July 29, 2017. On the first day the BJP president interacted with party office bearers from Awadh, Kashi, Gorakhpur and Kanpur regions. He met and interacted with various district presidents and district In-Charges of UP on the same day.

Addressing the ministers of the UP government in Lucknow Shri Amit Shah said the victory in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections was the result of hard work of BJP workers and the government’s aim is to take welfare-centric measures of the Centre to the people, which had been stagnated in the previous regimes.

At the meeting of the government and organisation held at the Uttar Pradesh BJP office, it was pledged that various welfare-centric measures of the Centre and state government will be taken to the doorstep of the public, an official statement issued by the party said.
“The government is working to verify the BPL cards and this work has largely been completed. This will help in providing government ration to the deserving and actual beneficiaries. The government is committed for the betterment of people of Uttar Pradesh. The ministers in the government are also contributing in this regard,” Shri Shah added.

At the meeting, a roadmap was also prepared for fulfilling the promises mentioned in the ‘Sankalp Patra’ (Manifesto) at the earliest.
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath said, “Ministers have been made in-charge for various districts, and assigned with the responsibility of carrying out developmental activities in the district. This will also help in review of various schemes.”

Meeting with intellectuals

Addressing an intellectuals’ meet on the second day of his Lucknow tour, Shri Shah appealed to people to vote for political parties on the basis of three criteria – party democracy, its ideology and performance in government.

“There are hundreds of parties where successors are pre-decided…like SP or BSP,” said Shri Shah. “Waris select karne mein kabhi kabhi SP ki tarah galti ho jaati hai..magar phir bhi jata to wahin hai..beta nahin ayega to bhai ayega..kya fark pad jayega.” (Sometimes, like in the SP, mistakes may be made in selecting the successor… but it happens… and when it does, if it is not the son, the brother will be made successor).”

Shri Shah also said that the parties which lack any ideology, they function on parivarwaad (dynasty) and caste.

Eventually, such parties would be burdened by scams, fight for property and even a tussle for chief ministership, he said. “That happens because party remained missing there and only family sustains,” Shri Shah said.

On the Congress, he said people knew that once its party Chief Sonia Gandhi stepped down, son Rahul Gandhi would be the automatic choice to lead them. “But you cannot say the same for the BJP… One who is strong, who has experience, empathy to the people and who has intelligence… they will become BJP chief,” he said.

He said this had a direct impact on governance and cited examples of states under Congress, Communist and BJP rule.
He said that Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and UP were collectively called BIMARU states because of lack of development and financial discipline.

“But MP and Rajasthan came out of the BIMARU list after BJP ruled there for long time,” he said. He reposed confidence in Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s government in Uttar Pradesh to deliver and bring the state on the path of development.

Shri Amit Shah said India grew during the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government, suffered during the Manmohan Singh government and increased again when Narendra Modi came to power.

On the political developments in Bihar, he said, “Bihar me jab tak hum the….vikas ke rastey par they… beech me thoda vyavdhan aaya thaa… magar parson theek hi ho gaya hai…ab Bihar bhi aage badhega (Till we were part of the Bihar government, there was development. In between there were slight hiccups. But two days ago, it was rectified.”

He praised the centre’s decision to amend the Enemy Property Act and added that if it was not brought in, a Sitapur nawab could have laid claim on the Secretariat from where the state government functions.

Giving a history of the BJP, Shri Shah said the Bharatiya Jan Sangh was formed when it was felt that the policies drafted by then Jawaharlal Nehru government were inspired from the west and could mislead the nation.

“Congress wanted nav-nirman (new construction) of the country while Jan Sangh wanted punah-nirman (re-construction),” he said.
At the event, CM Yogi Adityanath said he took guidance from Shri Shah on various issues and praised him for it. On crime, the CM said Shri Shah suggested ensuring that FIRs are registered and criminals are not allowed to go scot-free. The move, the CM said now has paid dividends with criminals leaving the state.

Lunch at party worker Sonu Yadav’s house

BJP President Shri Amit Shah, CM Yogi Aditya Nath, both the Deputy CMs and other senior leaders of the party have lunch at BJP Booth In-Charge Sonu Yadav’s house in Badi Jugauli locality of Gomtinagar in Lucknow.

“It was a pleasant surprise and honour for a party worker like me to host the National President. Today only I was told that he would be visiting my place. We all started preparing without going for any special delicacy. And he liked it very much,” Sonu said after BJP President’s visit.
“Water and chhanch were served in ‘kulhad’ and it was the chhach (butter milk) which they relished the most,” he said.


Launching a scathing attack on Congress, Shri Amit Shah said that we used to hear about new scams every month under the UPA government but the NDA delivered a scam-free stable government.

There is not a single case of corruption Modi government in three years, even our opponents failed to find any single charge of corruption against us.
In UPA rule every minister believed themselves to be the Prime Minister of India. No one considered Manmohan Singh as PM.

Shri Shah showered praise on Modi government over the surgical strike, demonetization and GST Bill.

He asserted that in the past three years, the BJP government has done a lot for the welfare of this nation and is committed fully towards the welfare of poor and backward section.

The BJP President was also confident of party’s thumping victory in 2019 general elections.

He said, “We will win 2019 general election even with the bigger mandate because of development, good governance.”

On being asked about Nitish Kumar’s decision to snap ties with RJD and Congress in Bihar, he said, “We did not break any Mahagatbandhan’. It was Nitish Kumar’s decision against corruption.”

CM Yogi Adityanath said, “Shri Shah earlier suggested ensuring that FIRs are registered and criminals are not allowed to go scot-free. The move now has paid dividends with criminals leaving the state”.