Congress can’t absolve itself of corruption by resorting to false propaganda

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The crackdown on corruption by Modi government has resulted in unearthing new scams in the country. No one is surprised to see that all these scams have their roots in the Congress led UPA regime. Congress is known not only for nurturing a non-transparent culture of non-accountability in governance but also as a protector and patron of the corruption and scams in the country. It shamefully refused to act when glaring evidences of wrongdoings in governance were brought to light. The nation has not forgotten that the Congress refused to budge even in the face of Supreme Court orders to form SIT on black money and openly blocked all moves to nail the scamsters and corrupt. Not only that it never took any initiatives to enact new laws or took any stringent measures to check corruption, it made it free for all while breeding a regressive system in the country. The system was allowed to rot at the cost of poor and deprived making it easy to loot public money and plunder the resources of the common people. It has caused massive damage to the country.

In a desperate bid to corner BJP, the Congress is trying to somehow level ridiculous charges of corruption against BJP government. The recent attempts to raise unfounded self-contradictory charges of corruption in Rafale deal has made Rahul Gandhi a laughing stock again with no one taking him seriously now. The PNB scam which was recently unearthed has its roots in Congress led UPA regime under which many questionable and suspicious loans were dispensed by the nationalised banks leading to piling up of enormous NPAs while creating crisis in the banking sector. Instead of taking responsibilities of all these wrongdoings and scams, Congress is trying to rescue itself by resorting to the politics of falsehood and deceit. The frustration of Congress is understandable from the fact that both its top leaders, Congress President Rahul Gandhi and former President Sonia Gandhi are on bail in National Herald case and the investigation in Augusta Westland helicopter scam is gaining momentum with new evidences coming to light. Congress wants people to forget massive scams amounting to the tune of 12 lac crore during its regime and to achieve this aim it’s relying on diversionary tactics. But it fails to realise that baseless allegations will further erode its credibility making it a non-serious player in politics. It seems that the Congress leadership still thinks that the people of India can be fooled and misled through false propaganda on Goebbelsian principles.

The Modi government is known for leading a sustained campaign against corruption, scams and black money in the country. The political will of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in carrying out Demonetisation and in the implementation of GST has left indelible imprint in minds of the people about his commitment to weed out corruption and black money from the system. In the very first cabinet meeting, SIT was formed against black money by the Modi government and a strong resolve was displayed in negotiating new arrangements with countries like Switzerland known for its safe havens. Along with this, new laws against black money were enacted with stringent provisions seeking to plug loopholes in the system. The real estate sector which had become the hub of black economy and unaccountable to the people buying homes has been sought to be reined in by enacting RERA making it accountable to the law. The government has saved a large amount of public money by ensuring DBT in public welfare schemes. It was only because of the unflinching commitment of Prime Minister Narendra Modi against black money and scams that not a single case of corruption can be made out against his government. His uncompromising war on corruption has made India to move towards clean economy and transparent system ensuring accountable and hassle free governance. Attempts to attack Modi government through baseless and unfounded allegations further exposes the nexus of Congress and corruption in Indian politics.