Victory of nationalism, good governance and development

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As the votes were counted on 3rd March 2018, it became clearer that people once again delivered a historic mandate in favour of BJP and its allies. The most glaring was the way the communists were routed in Tripura, their stronghold where they appeared to be invincibly ensconced for last 25 years. It was not only an electoral victory but an ideological one sounding the bugle of the triumph of nationalism, good governance and development. The long spell of communist rule in Tripura had left people cheated and state ruined economically. In Nagaland also NDA was able to form government with BJP winning 12 seats for the first time in the state. In Meghalaya, Congress numbers were drastically reduced and ousted from the power as an NDA alliance with BJP as one of its constituents formed the government. It is for the first time that the people of North-east have given massive mandate of BJP and its allies in seven out of eight states of the region. It is indeed a huge responsibility on the shoulders of BJP as North-east looks up to the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with hope and expectations. The region has to be put on fast lane of recovery from decades of neglect and apathy.

While communists were routed completely in Tripura, Congress could not win a single seat in Tripura and Nagaland. In Meghalaya too it was shown door by the people with a new government getting installed in its place. When the communists are getting marginalized in the country’s politics, Congress is not far behind. In fact there is a competition between the two to tread on a path inimical to the national interests. While the Congress ruled the country for a long time, communists got an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of power through backdoor under Congress patronage. Congress pursued a power-centric dynastic politics irresponsibly while the communists enjoyed power without any responsibility and accountability. Such acts on the parts of Congress and communists have brought them to such a passé that they have completely lost the trust of the people. It is unfortunate that without realizing this fact they continue to act arrogantly denigrating the people’s mandate in attacking the most beloved Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi. The people have been teaching them lessons after lessons defeating them in elections after elections. But they remain oblivious to the fact that they neither have the trust of the people nor any credible agenda before the country. They only have negative anti-BJP and anti-Modi agenda which cannot induce a positive energy either in their party or in the country. The negativism of Congress and Communists combine has become a Frankenstein like phenomenon eating into their own vitals while leading to their destruction.

The people of North-east have given their support to the mantra of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”, and “Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat”. The people have given their mandate to the special efforts made in the North-eastern states which has lagged behind in development and remained neglected under different governments led by Congress and communists. The concept of “Astalakshami’ propounded by the Prime Minister and special focus of the central government in ushering an era of good governance and development is matching the aspirations of the people. The region now speaks in unison with the rest of the country making the progress and prosperity the main agenda of the people. The people voting massively to BJP catapulting it to be the main force in the region garnering more than 50 per cent votes in Tripura compared to 1.8 per cent in 2013 assembly elections and 12 seats in Nagaland may appear a miracle to all the political pundits across the country. But the sheer hard work of the karyakartas, their relentless struggle and sacrifice aided with sustained developmental works by the union government has resulted in the magic equations resulting in party winning overwhelming trust of the people in the region. As democracy wins and development thrives in the Northeast, the main credit goes to people for heralding a new era of transformative change in the region.