Congress’ divisive politics defeated

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The people of Gujarat and Himachal have delivered a phenomenal verdict. It is a clear verdict delivered amid the din of misleading noises raised by the Congress and its pawns hyped as winning combination in the elections. It is a resounding slap on the face of those who regale in playing divisive politics and believe dynasty, caste and communalism still relevant in elections. They also believe that they can mock development and win elections by making people forget their misdeeds and betrayals. Congress has developed a habit to take short cut to power even if it amounts to compromising political principles and ethics in politics. In place of acting as a constructive opposition and building its already ravaged organization in Gujarat, Congress sought to divide society by enrolling casteist pawns while pursuing divisive agenda for political gains. Its leader Rahul Gandhi visited temples while its leaders opposed early resolution of Ram Mandir dispute in Supreme Court. Congress stand on reservations, Demonetization and GST proved it to be anti-development and anti-people. Its doublespeak on a number of issues was exposed and in extreme frustration Congress started spewing venom against the most beloved Prime Minister of the country. The people of Gujarat and Himachal have taught a befitting lesson to the Congress as it loses one more state to the BJP.

The failure of Congress lies in its inability to act as a constructive opposition. It has even now not reconciled to the fact that people rejected it for its non-performance, regime of policy paralysis, corruption, misrule and open loot of public money. What it continues to follow as a policy is to denounce and denigrate agenda of development, reforms and transforming zeal of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It stood against Demonetization consciously defending corrupt and the scamsters taking people for granted. Such stand has alienated the poor and deprived further away from the Congress which has become a symbol of corruption and loot. It was in favour of GST inside the parliament and remained so in GST council, but publicly took a stand creating doubts and suspicion in the market hoping to encash the certain practical problems arising from transition to new system. But its hopes were dashed, its duplicity was exposed. While the entire world is celebrating the rise of India as a leading economy under the visionary leadership of Narendra Modi with all international rating agencies appreciating his efforts, Congress is making fool of itself by opposing the reforms. Its attempt to create an atmosphere against development by starting a mocking campaign and its propaganda that Indian economy is getting derailed has been rejected by people again and again. India is coming up strongly on almost all developmental parameters globally and its economic fundamentals are symbolizing its newly acquired vibrancy. Congress’ one-sided campaign against these remarkable achievements has further exposed its negative politics and its regressive agenda.

The Congress should not forget that it has lost one more state to BJP. The constructive and reformative zeal of Narendra Modi is showing its results with India gaining prestige everywhere in the world. The poor and deprived of this country have a newfound confidence in the system having immense trust in the dynamic leadership of Narendra Modi. As Congress continues to act in the interests of the corrupt and scamsters, it will never be able to win confidence of the poor people. Its insistence to cling to dynasty even at its such a miserable condition speaks volumes about its lack of faith in the democratic ethos of the country. Its attempts to revive dynasty and caste based regressive politics in the country will always receive befitting response from the people. But one doubts Congress will take any lesson even now from its defeat in Gujarat and Himachal.