Congress played with the future of youth : Rajnath Singh

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Union Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh said the Congress government in Rajasthan has played with the future of the youth by leaking recruitment exam question papers. He addressed meetings in support of BJP candidates in Kherwara and Jhadol in Udaipur district on 22 November, 2023 ahead of the 25 November assembly polls.

Shri Singh said the situation in Rajasthan is so bad that a woman MLA considers herself unsafe. “If such is the situation, I want to ask how the common people of Rajasthan can be safe,” he said.

Atrocities against women

He said under the Congress government in Rajasthan, atrocities against women increased and recruitment exam question papers were leaked. “Shame on such a government which could not protect mothers and daughters,” he said.

The Defence Minister said no new industries have been set up in Rajasthan under the Congress rule and those established earlier are being shut. “The Ashok Gehlot government has not done anything for development and if he has done anything, it was to save the chair. Instead of doing development, they are fighting among themselves,” he said.

The Defence Minister said five years of Congress’ rule in the poll-bound state of Rajasthan have been “spent in running each other out,” a remark that very well fits in the cricketing world where two teams fight each other to win the match.

Further, targeting the Congress, Shri Singh dubbed the Congress party for having developed traditions like corruption, nepotism and appeasement.

Later, counting the central government’s welfare initiatives under the leadership of PM Shri Narendra Modi, he said that the central government is providing as high as 80 per cent discount on some medicines through Jan Aushadhi Kendras. He cited that a medicine that costs 100 is available for only 20 today.


‘India’s international stature has grown after Modi became PM’

                          SHAHPURA, RAJASTHAN

Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh said India’s international stature has grown after Shri Narendra Modi became Prime Minister and criticised the Congress government in Rajasthan over recruitment exam paper leaks and law-and-order situation. Anyone who can’t give security to mothers and sisters has no right to rule, he said while referring to the Ashok Gehlot government at an huge election rally in Shahpura, Rajasthan on 19 November, 2023.

Shri Singh said elections are fought not only to form government but also to build the society and country. “Government should not be run based on caste, creed and religion but should be run based on humanity,” he said.

The Defence Minister said, “Bharat is no longer weak and the world listens carefully to what it says and India’s international stature has grown after Shri Narendra Modi became Prime Minister,” he added.

“Earlier, when India said something, world nations blindsided our opinion considering us a weak nation. But now you can be proud that the whole world looks up to India for what it has to say,” he added.

We promised abrogation of Article 370

Highlighting the Centre’s promises, Shri Singh said, “We promised abrogation of Article 370, and we did it. We promised that Ram temple will be built in Ayodhya and now you all are invited on January 22 to have a darshan of Lord Ram.”

Further, vowing to fulfil all guarantees mentioned in the election manifesto for the state, he said,

“Even now I guarantee you that whatever we have promised in our manifesto if we are given the chance, we will fulfil each and every one of the promises mentioned”.