What the Congress-RJD Alliance did with the people of Bihar?

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed a vibrant gathering in Darbhanga, Bihar on 4 May 2024, where he paid homage to the late Maharaja Kameshwar Singh Ji and praised the sacred land of Mithila and its people.

Grand Ram temple in Ayodhya

PM Shri Modi congratulated the nation on the construction of the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya, calling it a historic moment. “After 500 years, our wait has ended. And the wait wasn’t just for Lord Ram, it was for Goddess Sita too, it was for Mithila too. We are witnessing this auspicious time in our lifetime, this is a significant event,” he stated.

Reflecting on the historical significance of recent events, Shri Modi emphasized that the installation of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya marked the beginning of a new era for India. “When the installation of Ram Lalla was taking place in Ayodhya, I said that now India will script its future for the next thousand years,” he remarked.


-Except for scams and lawlessness, there is nothing in their report cards.

-Today, India’s prestige in the world is at a new height.

-Despite challenges like COVID-19, India has shown resilience & provided leadership to the world.

-Together, let’s ensure Bihar’s transformation & prevent a return to the ‘Lantern era’.

Remarkable progress over the past decade

Shri Modi highlighted India’s remarkable progress over the past decade, citing its rise from the 11th to the 5th largest economy in the world. He praised India’s resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing how the country overcame the crisis and provided leadership to the world.

He criticized the Congress and RJD alliance for their actions during the pandemic, accusing them of neglecting the people of Bihar. “What the Congress-RJD Alliance did with the people of Bihar in that huge crisis, I can never forget.”.

Baba Saheb was against reservations based on religion

The Prime Minister also addressed the issue of reservations based on religion, condemning the Congress and RJD’s proposed policies. “You know that the Constitution has prohibited reservations based on religion. Baba Saheb was also against it. But now, when the Congress has lost the support of the poor SC, ST, and OBCs, Congress is going against Nehru ji’s sentiments,” he asserted.

Regarding Bihar’s development, Shri Modi highlighted the achievements of the NDA government under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. He praised initiatives such as providing permanent homes to the poor, gas connections, free rations, and healthcare for the elderly.

“Today, under the leadership of Nitish ji, the NDA government is working day and night for the development of Bihar. Our inspiration is Karpoori Thakur, whom we were fortunate enough to award the Bharat Ratna some time ago,” the PM said, emphasizing the government’s commitment to transforming Bihar’s infrastructure and economy.

Shri Modi urged the people of Bihar to vote for development and progress, urging them to support NDA candidates in the upcoming elections. “We cannot let Bihar go back to the lantern era,” he declared.