Deeply inspired by the ideology of BJP

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Shri Rebati Biswas was born in Bangladesh’s Faridpur district, but later moved to Diglipur village in Andaman. At a very young age of 21, Shri Biswas became the disciple of Gopal Maharaj and grew closer to spiritualism. Shri Biswas was deeply inspired by the ideology of BJP and joined the party in 1990 under the leadership of Shri Bishnu Pada. Single-handedly, he established BJP in Diglipur, the northernmost island of the country.

By traveling to remote areas, he made people aware of BJP, and eventually several people became workers and supporters of the organisation. In 1996, Shri Biswas’ tireless efforts helped Shri Bishnu Pada, a BJP candidate, become a member of parliament. As President of Kisan Morcha in 2013, he fought to make sure Diglipur farmers received fertiliser on time. In addition, he suggested building a dam on the

State President
Andaman & Nicobar

Kalpong river to provide irrigation throughout the year. Shri Rebati Biswas was appointed as the National Executive Member of the party. In 2005, he was also elected as a member to the Panchayat Samiti under Diglipur Gram Panchayat, but he preferred to work for the party.