Defeat the politics of communist violence

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As BJP is gaining people’s support in new areas its activists and leaders are getting targeted by the adversaries. The situation in Kerala is really alarming.

BJP activists are being violently attacked, terrorized and brutally killed by the communist goons. In a gruesome incident recently on 12th October 2016, BJP activist Remith was martyred in Kannur. The brutal assault on BJP started on the day communists won the Kerala polls and in their celebratory procession attacked killed BJP activist Pramod who had come from UAE to help BJP in its election campaign. Not only this, in the very hometown of Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan, BJP activist Remith was hacked to death. A number of promising BJP activists have been martyred since communists have come to the power in Kerala. It is a matter of grave concern that communists are trying to impose their Stalinist system based on violence and political vendetta.

In the National Council meeting held in Kozhikode, Kerala on 24-25 September 2016 Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a book named ‘Aahuti’ which enumerates the kind of violence perpetrated by the communists on BJP activists. While releasing the book the Prime Minister lamented the fact that the communists took recourse to violence to vanquish their political adversaries in Kerala which was very unfortunate. It is extremely condemnable that communists have tried to perpetuate their rule through violence and terror wherever they came into power. A large number of BJP-RSS activists have been martyred while challenging the politics of violence and terror in Kerala. The activists were selectively targeted, brutally attacked and violently killed. There is a long list of martyrs who have been brutally murdered and many more were maimed for challenging the violence and terror of the communists. In Kerala communist violence may be traced back to 1960s when Muslim League goons supported by communists attacked Jansangh Karyakartas in Thanoor when a 16 year youth Subramanian was brutally killed. The case of Jayakrishnana Master who was hacked to death in front of his students and the killing of Yashoda and her husband in cold blood remind one of the communist faith in violence. Not only the killings alone but the manner in which these murders are executed makes it more horrible and blood chilling. Subramaniam and Rajan were burnt alive by dousing petrol on them, Satyan’s head was ruthlessly chopped off and many more such incidents clearly point to the fact that communists want to establish then reign of terror wherever they are present.

It is rarely that communist violence finds space in the national media. The communists have been getting emboldened as their cadres in media keep their misdeeds closely guarded secrets. It was due to this that these incidents have not been presented before the nation in their totality. But as BJP is gaining grounds in Kerala, such incidents are being opposed by more and more people in the state. The massive support of people to the call of strike by BJP has sent a warning signal to the communists in the state. Wherever BJP is rising, its activists are facing political assaults and attacks. In Kerala and West Bengal such trends suggests BJP becoming stronger at the cost of the ruling dispensation. Communists are habitually inclined to resort to violence when their power is challenged. It’s their ideological and moral defeat. BJP has never pursued the path of violence in politics. That’s why BJP is gaining acceptability and support across the nation. While saluting all the martyrs of communist violence the need of the hour is to democratically defeat their politics of violence and terror by exposing their design.