Ease of Living and Empowerment of Middle Class & Senior Citizens

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We will provide low-cost housing, accessible health services, good education and employment and self-employment opportunities to middle-class families.
We will work with the state governments to facilitate home ownership for middle-class Parivar Jan through comprehensive measures including cost reduction in construction and registration, regulatory reforms like enabling automatic approvals for standard housing designs, among others.
We will expand Bharat’s top-tier startup ecosystem to tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Further, we will transform Bharat into a global centre for high quality services including tourism to generate high value and diverse employment opportunities nationwide.
We guarantee healthy lives of our middle-class families by expanding AIIMS, Arogya Mandir and Jan Aushadhi Kendras.
We will elevate the quality of education by expanding top educational institutions and upgrading universities to global standards. We will introduce more IIT, IIM, AIIMS and other such institutes. We will launch internship programmes to blend academic and practical skills
A We will focus on the modern road network, enhance rail and metro connectivity with new-age trains and expanded networks, develop comprehensive EV charging stations, construct new airports and advance our telecom infrastructure with affordable 5G and innovative 6G technology, promoting ease of living for middle class families.
We will expand the Ayushman Bharat Yojana to cover Senior Citizens and provide them access to free and quality healthcare.
We will introduce a National Senior Citizens portal to honour the wisdom and experience of our elders by providing them with a platform for sharing their stories, insights and knowledge.
We will work with state governments to ensure convenient facilities før senior citizens to undertake sacred pilgrimages across the country.
We have launched a scheme PM- eBus Seva to introduce a fleet of e- Buss across cities to provide affordable and safe transport to citizens. Now we will furtherextend it to other eligible cities.
We will develop more green spaces and fill all open landfills to manage all kind of waste being produced in Bharat through ‘Waste to Wealth Mission’
We will create big convention centres across cities and make Bharat into a global destination for conferences and exhibitions.