End of ‘Mafia Raj’ in UP : PM Modi’s suggestion, Yogi’s action

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PM Modi Story                                                       By: Yogi Adityanath

PM Shri Narendra Modi’s zero-tolerance policy towards crime and criminals was evident when he was serving as Chief Minister of Gujarat and it remains the same when he is now serving as the Prime Minister of India.

One such example of his zero-tolerance policy comes from Uttar Pradesh which was infamous for its wide spread Mafia Raj before BJP came to power in 2017. Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath narrates how Shri Modi’s suggestion helped him curb the menace of Mafia Raj in the state.

Yogi Adityanath was appointed as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in March 2017. His biggest challenges of working in Uttar Pradesh were Mafia Raj, safety for women and frequent riots which were nightmares for the law-and-order situation of the state.

In his meeting with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, he brought these problems to his notice. PM Shri Modi asked him about the routine working procedure in the state. After giving a careful thought to the situation in UP, PM Shri Modi suggested that ‘Foot Patrolling’ by police could be a medium of increasing trust on the government and the system among the commoners.

PM Shri Modi’s innovative suggestion was backed by the fact that when people will gradually develop faith in the system. He also said that when police and public will start having friendly conversations during foot patrolling by the cops, the first challenge that mafia will face will be fear of the system itself.

This suggestion by PM Shri Modi proved extremely fruitful for the law-and-order of the state in UP. Foot Patrolling not only curbed the menace of Mafia Raj but it developed a cordial relation between the cops and the common man.

CM Yogi says, “I implemented foot patrolling in Uttar Pradesh. From senior officers to a sepoy, all of them participated in foot patrolling having friendly conversation with the common man asking them if they were having any problems. The result is that Uttar Pradesh’s law and order situation ameliorated with passing time and this practice.”