Government is firm like a rock on CAA : Amit Shah

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BJP National President and Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah addressed a huge rally in support of CAA in Jodhpur, Rajasthan on 3 January, 2020 and said the Union government was firm like a rock on the CAA.

Shri Amit Shah said “ek inch bhi wapas nahi jaayenge (we won’t backtrack even an inch)” on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, showing his firmness on the legislation as he also launched a door-to-door campaign to exhibit support for the law in a counter-offensive effort.

“The Congress, Mamata, SP-BSP, Kejriwal, Communists, sab iska virodh kar rahe hai (all are opposing the CAA),” Shri Shah said, and then threw a challenge. “Rahul baba, if you have read the law, come and debate with me and if not then I am willing to translate it (the CAA) in Italian and give you,” the BJP National President said, accusing the Opposition of spreading the falsehood that the amended law would take away citizenship.

“Yeh sab parties ekattha ho jaayen lekin ek inch bhi wapas nahi jaayenge (Let all these parties unite but we will not backtrack even an inch),” Shri Shah told the gathering.

The rally was organised by the BJP as part of the ‘Janjagran’ campaign launched by the party over the CAA. Many refugees who stand to benefit from the CAA were present at the rally and Shri Amit Shah assured them that the Narendra Modi government would ensure they got Indian citizenship.

In his speech Shri Shah justified the campaign, saying that in a democracy the rulers too have the right to go to the people and present its version. “Why are the Congress and the other parties opposing?” he asked. “The Congress is habituated to vote-bank politics. They are spreading falsehood and misleading the youths. So we have decided that we’ll also go to the people and give our version,” he added.

The BJP President exhorted the crowd to give a missed call on the number to show their support to the CAA, claiming it would directly reach PM Modiji.

At the Jodhpur rally, Shri Shah repeated all the historic decisions of the Modi government, underlining how the Congress and Rahul Gandhi had opposed them.
He named abrogation of Article 370, the construction of a grand Ram temple, the Balakot Airstrikes, the Surgical Strike and Triple Talaq, and each time asked the crowd whether it was the right decision and added that “the Congress and Rahul baba” had opposed them.

Shri Amit Shah said, “In JNU slogans of ‘BHARAT MATA TERE TUKDE HONGE…’ were raised and the Congress party supported them”. He asked is it wrong to call Congress as anti-India organisation.