Congress provoking a particular section of society by ‘misleading’ them on CAA : JP Nadda

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Addressing a ‘Thanksgiving for enacting the CAA’ meeting in Indore, Madhya Pradesh on 22 December, 2019 BJP National Working President Shri JP Nadda questioned Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s silence on raging violence and the damage caused to public property during anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests in the country.

Shri Nadda also questioned Rahul Gandhi’s limited intellect and knowledge about the new citizenship law and dared him to speak even 10 lines on its provisions. Shri Nadda said he wanted Mr. Gandhi to speak only ten lines on the provisions of the CAA, which is being opposed by the Congress.

“I want to ask Rahul Gandhi to speak only ten lines on the CAA provisions. He should also speak only two lines on the provisions, which according to him are harming the country. It is very unfortunate that the people who come to lead the country do not even know the basics about CAA,” he said.

He said Mr. Gandhi has not made even a single statement condemning vandalism during anti-CAA demonstrations. “Public property has been damaged in the country on a large scale during the violent protests in the last one week. But, has Rahul made any statement condemning this loss?” he asked.

Acknowledging a conflict of ideologies between the Congress and the BJP, the BJP National Working President said Mr. Gandhi’s outlook might be different from the BJP due to his “limited intellect”.

“But to what extent is it appropriate that you (Rahul) do not speak out a single word on ongoing violence?” Shri Nadda asked.

The BJP National Working President also accused the Congress of provoking a particular section of the society by ‘misleading’ them on the CAA. “Congress is doing politics on the violence by placing a vote bank above the country,” he alleged.
Continuing his attack against Gandhi, Shri JP Nadda said the Congress leader obviously didn’t feel any pains about the “barbaric massacre” that had taken place during Partition of India in 1947. “Rahul should answer whether he has read the history of India’s Partition? His statements certainly do not show any feeling of pain about that era which witnessed a barbaric massacre of people. Lakhs of people had to leave their motherland suddenly to save their lives,” the BJP Working President said.
He also added that the country’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and later Dr. Manmohan Singh, who was the PM during the previous UPA government, had publicly supported the idea to grant Indian citizenship to the people coming from Pakistan due to religious persecution.

He asked the Hindu and Sikh refugees came from neighbouring countries, who organised the thanksgiving programme, “In his political life, did Rahul ever try to meet you (the refugees who came to India after being persecuted in Pakistan and Bangladesh on the basis of their religions)?”

Shri Nadda said the Congress only divided the country on the basis of religion. “We have always protected minorities in India, but will any Congress leader answer why number of religious minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh continued to decline after India’s Partition?”, he asked.

He accused the previous Congress governments of delaying justice to the refugees who came and settled down in India from Pakistan’s Sindh province due to religious persecution. “The strong will of the Narendra Modi government has led to enacting a new citizenship law. PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah clearly stated that not a single legitimate citizen of Muslim community will lose his Indian citizenship (due to the new law),” he said.

Refugees honour BJP Working President

Several Hindu and Sikh refugees from Pakistan residing in Madhya Pradesh hailed the Narendra Modi government for enacting the Citizenship Amendment Act at the thanksgiving function held in Indore.

They also felicitated BJP National Working President Shri JP Nadda.

Several of them narrated their experience of religious persecution in Pakistan, including forcible conversion and abduction and rape of girls and women, and many were unable to hold back tears as the painful memories flooded back. They said the CAA had paved the way for them to get Indian citizenship at the earliest.