This is a government that works and works hard to make its resolutions a reality : PM Modi

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India Celebrates 77th Independence Day

On the occasion of India’s 77th Independence Day, PM Shri Narendra Modi addressed the nation from the rampart of the Red Fort in Delhi on 15 August, 2023. Shri Modi highlighted India’s rich historical and cultural significance and projected India’s endeavour to march towards the Amrit Kaal. He also spoke on India’s rise in world affairs and how India’s economic resurgence has served as a pole of overall global stability and resilient supply chains. PM Shri Modi elaborated on the robust reforms and initiatives that have been undertaken over the past 9 years by the central government to promote India’s stature in the world. Here is the Excerpts of the speech :

My dear 140 crore family members, the world’s largest democracy and now many people are of the opinion that we are number one even from the point of view of population. Such a huge country, 140 crore countrymen, my brothers and sisters, my family members are celebrating the festival of Independence today. On this momentous and sacred occasion, I extend my greetings to each and every citizen of the country, to each one who loves, respects and takes pride in our nation India.

The Non-cooperation/Civil Disobedience and Satyagraha Movement under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi ji, brave hearts like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru, and their generation, there will hardly be any person who has not contributed to the independence of the country. Today, I respectfully pay homage to all those who contributed and sacrificed their lives during our freedom movement. I humbly bow down to their penance in giving us a free nation.

Unfortunately, this time the natural calamity created unimaginable distress in many parts of the country. I express my condolences to all the families who have suffered in this crisis and assure that the state in tandem with the central government will leave no stone unturned to stand by you and resolve all those troubles at the earliest.

The country, which has come out of the slave mentality and is dedicated to the ‘Panch-Pran’ or the five resolutions, is moving forward today with a new self-confidence. The nation is working wholeheartedly to fulfil the new resolutions

India stands with the people of Manipur

In the past few weeks, particularly in Manipur in the North-East, and in some other parts of India, there has been a spell of violence, where many people lost their lives, and the dignity of mothers and daughters was violated. However, in the last few days, we have been hearing continuous reports of peace, and the entire nation stands with the people of Manipur. The people of Manipur have maintained peace in the past few days, and they should continue to foster that peace, as it is the path to resolution. Both the state and central governments are working together to find solutions to the issues and will continue to do so.

‘Sarvajan Hitay, Sarvajan Sukhay’

‘Sarvajan Hitay, Sarvajan Sukhay’, we will take decisions one after the other, and the golden history of the country for the next 1000 years is going to emerge from it. The events taking place in this period are going to impact the next 1000 years. The country, which has come out of the slave mentality and is dedicated to the ‘Panch-Pran’ or the five resolutions, is moving forward today with a new self-confidence. The nation is working wholeheartedly to fulfil the new resolutions. My Mother India which was once a powerhouse of energy, but was buried underneath a pile of ashes, has been awakened once again by the efforts, consciousness and energy of 140 crore countrymen. Maa Bharti has been awakened and we have experienced in the last 9-10 years that this is the period in which a new trust, a new hope and a new attraction has emerged all over the world towards India, towards the potential of India, and the world can see a spark for itself in this beam of light that is emanating from India. A new trust is growing around the world.

We are fortunate that we have inherited certain things from our ancestors and even the present era has created certain other things. Today we have demography; we have democracy; we have diversity. This trinity of demography, democracy and diversity has the potential to fulfil every dream of India. Today, while the countries around the world are witnessing an age structure that is growing old, India is moving energetically towards its youthful age structure. It is a period of great pride because today India has the highest population under the age of 30. This is what we have in my country, the youth below the age of 30 years; my country has crores of hands, crores of brains, crores of dreams, crores of resolutions! So, my brothers and sisters, my family members, we can get the desired results.

Such incidents change the fate of the country. This power changes the destiny of the country. We are at the milestone between 1000 years of slavery and 1000 years of grand future that is about to come. We are at this crossroads and hence we cannot stop, nor shall we live in a dilemma anymore.

‘I have utmost faith in our youth power’

Taking pride in the heritage that was once lost, gaining back the lost prosperity, let us once again believe that whatever we do, whatever step we take, whatever decision we make, will determine our direction for the next 1000 years and will write the fate of India. Today I would like to tell the youth of my country, to the sons and daughters of my country, you are fortunate. People hardly get the kind of opportunity that our youngsters are getting now, and so we don’t want to lose it. I have utmost faith in our youth power. There is huge potential/capability in our youth power and our policies as well as our ways provide an enabling environment to strengthen it.

Today, my youth have propelled India to a firm position in the world’s first three startup eco systems. Recently, I went to Bali for the G-20 Summit and there the premiers of the most prosperous and developed countries of the world showed immense curiosity and were so eager to learn about the nuances and the success of our Digital India. They were in awe of our talent when I shared that this wonder that India has achieved was not limited to the efforts made by youth of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai but also by the youth of my Tier-2, Tier-3 cities. Now see, there are 100 schools in my country where children are making satellites and also aspiring to release them one day. Today thousands of tinkering labs are conceiving new scientists.

“I want to tell the youth of my country that today, there is no dearth of opportunities, as many opportunities as you want, this country is capable of creating more opportunities. Sky’s the limit”.

Today, from the ramparts of the Red Fort, I want to heartily congratulate the mothers, sisters and daughters of my country. Our country has reached a level today due to the special prowess and competence of my mothers and sisters. Today, the country is on the path of progress, so I want to also congratulate my farmer brothers and sisters. Today, I bow down to the laborers of my country, my laborers who are my dear family members and all the several crores who belong to these fraternities.

Got the opportunity to host G-20 summit

My dear family members, it is certain that India’s capabilities and possibilities are set to traverse new heights of belief, and this new belief in abilities and new strengths should be nurtured. Today, the country has got the opportunity to host the G-20 summit. And the way various G-20 events and programs have been organized in every corner of India since the past year, they have showcased the abilities of common people to the world. These events have introduced the diversity of India.

The world is observing India’s diversity with amazement, and as a result, the attraction towards India has also increased. There is a growing desire to know and understand India. Similarly, India’s export is growing rapidly. And I want to say that experts from around the world, based on all these criteria, are saying that India will not stop now. There is hardly any rating agency in the world which is not praising India.

World has seen our capabilities during corona period

The world has begun to think in a new way after the corona period. And I firmly believe that just as after the Second World War, the world formed a new world order, I can clearly see that a new world order, a new global order, a new geo-political equation is rapidly progressing after corona. All interpretations of the geo-political equation are changing, definitions are changing. My dear family members, you will take pride that the world is seeing the capabilities of my 140 crore fellow citizens in shaping the changing world. You are standing at a turning point.

And during the corona period, the world has seen our capabilities in the way India has propelled the country forward. When the world’s supply chains were disrupted, when there was pressure on big economies, even at that time, we had said that we have to see the development of the world. It should be human centric and humane; that is when we will be able to find the right solutions to the problems. And Covid has taught us or has forced us to realize that we cannot do the welfare of the world by leaving human sensibilities.

India is becoming the voice of Global South

Today, India is becoming the voice of the Global South. India’s prosperity and heritage are turning into opportunities for the world. Friends, with India’s participation in the global economy and the global supply chain and with the place that India has earned for itself, I can say with full confidence that the current scenario in India today has brought a guarantee of stability in the world. There are no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ now in our minds, or in the minds of my 140 crore family members, or in the mind of the world. There is complete trust.

Today, India is becoming the voice of the Global South. India’s prosperity and heritage are turning into opportunities for the world

Our every direction is linked to ‘Nation First’

Now the ball is in our court; we should not let the opportunity go; we should not miss the opportunity. I also congratulate my countrymen in India because my countrymen have the ability to understand the roots of the problems and therefore in 2014, after an experience of 30 years, my countrymen decided that in order to take the country forward, a stable and a strong government was needed. So, the countrymen formed a strong and stable government. And the country was freed from the three-decades of uncertainty, instability and political compulsions that were gripping the nation.

The country has such a government today, which is devoting every moment of the time and every penny of the people’s money for the balanced development of the country; for Sarvajan Hitaya: Sarvajan Sukhaya. The pride of my government and my countrymen is connected to one thing, that our every decision, our every direction is linked to just one yardstick, that is, ‘Nation First’. And ‘Nation First’, is going to produce far-reaching and positive results. Work is being done on a large scale in the country. But I would like to say that in 2014 as well as in 2019 you formed a strong government, and that is why Modi got the courage to bring reforms. And when Modi brought reforms one after the other, the people of my bureaucracy, my crores of hands and feet, who are working as part of the government in every corner of India, ‘performed to transform’. They fulfilled the responsibility very well and when the public joined in, we could see the transformation very clearly. And that’s why this period of ‘reform, perform, transform’ is now shaping the future of India. And we are promoting those forces within the country, which are going to strengthen the foundation of the coming thousand years.

Reform, perform, transform

We created the Ministry of Jal Shakti. If one analyses the composition of the ministry, then you will be able to understand the mind and brain of this government in a very good way. The Ministry of Jal Shakti is laying emphasis on ensuring pure drinking water to reach each and every citizen of our country. We are reiterating and focusing on development of sensitive systems to protect the environment. After our country braved Corona, the world is looking for holistic health care; this is the need of the hour. We created a separate Ministry of AYUSH and today, Yoga and AYUSH are making waves in the world. Because of our commitment towards the world, the world is looking up to us. If we ourselves undermine this ability of ours, then how will the world acknowledge it?

Cooperative Ministry has also been created which is spreading its network through our cooperative institutions so that the poorest of the poor are heard, their needs are met and they too can contribute in an organized way towards the development of the nation by being a part of a small unit. We have adopted the path of prosperity through cooperation.

Account of last 10 years

When we came in 2014, we were at number 10 in the global economy, and today, the persistent efforts of 140 crore countrymen have finally paid off as we have reached the rank of number 5 in the world economy. And this has not happened just like that at a time when the nation was in the shackles of corruption had gripped the country, scams worth lakhs of crores were wreaking havoc on the economy, the country was being recognized in the governance and fragile file, we stopped leakages, created a strong economy; we tried to spend more and more money for the welfare of the poor.

And today, I want to tell the countrymen that when the country is economically prosperous, it does not just fill the coffers; it builds the capability of the citizens and the nation. If there is a government that takes a pledge to spend this honestly for the welfare of its citizens, then, what outcomes could be achieved.

I am giving the account of 10 years to my countrymen from the ramparts of this Red Fort to which our Tricolor stands a witness. The figures that you hear tell a compelling story of change, and you may wonder how this was achieved, how powerful is our capability to facilitate such a transformation. 10 years ago, 30 lakh

The bags of Urea that are sold for 3,000 rupees in some global markets, we provide to our farmers for 300 rupees, and hence the government is providing a subsidy of 10 lakh crore rupees on Urea for our farmers

crore rupees used to go to the states from the Government of India. In the last 9 years, this figure has reached 100 lakh crores. Earlier, 70 thousand crore rupees were spent from the treasury of the Government of India for the development of local bodies, today it is going to more than 3 lakh crores. Earlier, 90 thousand crore rupees were spent to build the houses of the poor; today it has increased 4 times and more than 4 lakh crores are being spent to build the houses of the poor.

13.5 crore poor entered the new middle class

The bags of Urea that are sold for 3,000 rupees in some global markets, we provide to our farmers for 300 rupees, and hence the government is providing a subsidy of 10 lakh crore rupees on Urea for our farmers. The Mudra Yojana, with a budget of over 20 lakh crore rupees, has provided opportunities for self-employment, businesses, and ventures for the youth of our country. About eight crore people have started new businesses, and it’s not just eight crore people who started their businesses; each entrepreneur has provided employment to one or two individuals.

The capability to provide employment to 8-10 crore new individuals has been achieved through the Mudra Yojana availed by eight crore citizens.

During the Corona crisis, MSMEs were supported with nearly 3.5 lakh crore rupees, preventing them from sinking and providing them strength. Under the “One Rank One Pension” initiative, which was a tribute to our soldiers, 70,000 crore rupees from India’s treasury has reached them. The families of our retired soldiers have got this money. These are just a few examples and I don’t want to take more time. There are many more initiatives that have significantly contributed to the country’s development, generating employment in various corners of the nation as the budget has been increased manifold across categories as compared to before.

But that’s not all; the result of all these efforts is that in my first five-year term, 13.5 crore of my fellow poor brothers and sisters have broken free from the chains of poverty and entered the new middle class. There can be no greater satisfaction in life than this.

Vishwakarma Yojana

The various schemes from housing schemes, providing 50,000 crore rupees to street vendors through the PM SVANidhi scheme, and many more have aided these 13.5 crore people to rise above the hardships of poverty. In the days to come, we will launch a scheme on the occasion of Vishwakarma Jayanti, benefiting individuals skilled in traditional craftsmanship, particularly from the OBC community. Weavers, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, laundry workers, barbers, and such families will be empowered through the Vishwakarma Yojana, which will begin with an allocation of around 13-15 thousand crore rupees. We have directly deposited 2.5 lakh crore rupees into the accounts of our farmers through the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. We have spent 2 lakh crore rupees on the Jal Jeevan Mission, ensuring pure water to every household. We have eased the burden of the poor visiting hospitals during illness under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana. We have spent 70,000 crore rupees under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana ensuring they have access to medicine, treatment, and quality hospital care. The country is aware that we spent 40,000 crore rupees to provide free vaccines during the Corona crisis. But you will be happy to know that we invested nearly 15,000 crore rupees for vaccination of livestock to save them.

Jan Aushadhi Kendras provided new strength

Jan Aushadhi Kendras have provided new strength to senior citizens and middle-class families in our nation. In a joint family, if someone has diabetes, it’s quite natural to get a medical bill of Rs 2000-3000. We provide medicines which cost Rs

We have spent 2 lakh crore rupees on the Jal Jeevan Mission, ensuring pure water to every household. We have eased the burden of the poor visiting hospitals during illness under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana

100 in the market for just Rs.10, Rs.15, Rs. 20 through Jan Aushadhi Kendras. And today, with 10,000 Jan Aushadhi Kendras across the country, about Rs 20 crore have been saved by these people who needed medicines for these kinds of diseases. And these are mostly people who belong to middle-class families. But looking at its success today, I want to tell the countrymen that we are about to touch that section of the society with the Vishwakarma scheme. At the same time, we are also going to work on the target of 25,000 Jan Aushadhi Kendras across the country in the coming days from the present 10,000 Jan Aushadhi Kendras.

India to be among the top three world economies

When poverty reduces in the country, the power of the middle-class section of the country increases manifold. And I assure you that in the coming five years the country will be among the top three world economies; it certainly will be.
The weaker sections who live in the cities face a lot of problems. Middle-class families are dreaming of buying their own houses. We are coming up with a new scheme in the coming years that will benefit those families that live in cities but are living in rented houses, or slums, or chawls and unauthorized colonies. If they want to build their own houses, we will assist them with a relief in interest rates and loans from banks that will help them save lakhs of rupees. If the income tax bracket for my middle-class families is raised from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 7 lakh, it benefits the salaried class, the middle class the most. Internet data was very expensive before 2014. Now we have the world’s cheapest internet data.

India has tried its best to control inflation. Compared to the previous period, we have also had some success, but we cannot be complacent with that. We should not be complacent that our things are better than that of the world. I have to take more steps in this direction to minimize the burden of inflation on my countrymen. And we will continue to take that step. My efforts will continue.

Working to build an accessible India for Divyangjan

As we work towards building an accessible and inclusive India for our specially-abled citizens Divyangjan, we are also enabling the Divyangjan to proudly unfurl our Tricolor in Paralympics. We are providing special training to these players. Today, leaving the old thinking, the old scope, India is moving forward with a view to achieve these futuristic goals. And I say, when the foundation stone is laid by our government, it gets inaugurated within our regime too. I feel blessed that I was the chosen one and it was in my destiny to inaugurate and lay the foundation stones of so many projects.

This is a government that works

In the renewable energy sector, we have surpassed our set target. The target which we had set for renewable energy by 2030 was completed in 2021-22. We had talked about 20 percent blending in ethanol, that as well we have completed five years ahead of time. The same was true about exports of 500 billion dollars, which was accomplished ahead of time and was increased to more than 500 billion dollars.

We had a resolve to accomplish something which was being discussed in our country for 25 years, that our country needs a new parliament; now it is ready. This is a government that works, a government that surpasses the set targets, this is a new India, this is an India full of self-confidence, this is an India that is working hard to make its resolutions a reality. And so this India is unstoppable, this India is tireless, this India does not gasp and this India does not give up.

Continuous reforms taking place within armed forces

On this auspicious occasion of Independence Day, I extend heartfelt congratulations to my soldiers who are safeguarding the borders of our nation and the uniformed

Our military must be modernized, be empowered, remain youthful, battle-ready, and prepared for war, which is why continuous reforms are taking place within our armed forces

forces responsible for our internal security as I move forward with the address. Our military must be modernized, be empowered, remain youthful, battle-ready, and prepared for war, which is why continuous reforms are taking place within our armed forces.

Today, the nation is experiencing a sense of security and when the nation is secured, peace is established that helps us realize new dreams of progress. The era of serial bomb blasts is now in the past and the innocent deaths as a result are now part of history. The country has witnessed a significant reduction in terrorist attacks. In Naxal-affected areas too, there has been a major transformation, creating a conducive environment for a major change.

India’s unity gives us strength

In every aspect of progress, when we move forward with the dream of a developed India by 2047, it’s not just a dream but a resolve of 1.4 billion citizens. To fulfil that resolve, hard work is essential, but our national character is the most significant force. We must further strengthen our national character and move forward. It is our collective responsibility that our nation, our national character, should be vigorous, dynamic, hardworking, valiant, and outstanding. For the coming 25 years, we should follow only one mantra which should be the pinnacle of our national character. We should move forward with the message of living the unity of India and refrain from any language or step which will cause any harm to the unity of India. Every moment, I will continue my efforts to ensure the unity of the country. India’s unity gives us strength.

Be it North or South, East or West, village or city, male or female – all of us contribute to the strength of our country with the spirit of unity and diversity. The second important aspect that I am observing is that if we want to see our country as a developed India by 2047, we must live by the mantra of ‘Shreshtha Bharat’ and characterize it. Now talking about our production, I had said in 2014, “Zero Defect, Zero Effect.” If there’s a “Made in India” product on any table in the world, the world should have confidence that there is nothing better than this. This will be ultimate. The third point is that the additional power of women-led development will take the country towards further progress.

2 crore Lakhpati Didis

Today with the aim of creating a base of 2 crore Lakhpati Didis, we are working on women self-help groups. We, while promoting the potential of our women power, we are focusing on women-led development.

• Today, more daughters than boys are taking up STEM i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.
• 10 crore women are involved in women self-help groups and if you go to a village with women self-help groups, you will find bank Didis, Anganwadi Didis with and Didis who distribute medicines.
• And now my dream is to create a base of 2 crore Lakhpati Didis in the villages.
• I am thinking of a new scheme, that will provide training to the sisters of Women Self Help Group with the integration of technology in our agriculture sector thereby strengthening our Agri-tech.
• We will give skill training to women and train them to operate as well as repair drones.
• The Government of India will provide drones to thousands of such Women Self Help Groups.
• We will initiate making drone services available for our agricultural work.
• To begin with, we will start building 15 thousand Women Self Help Groups which will give flight to the dream of enabling a robust drone training mission.

Country is advancing towards modernity

Today, the country is advancing towards modernity. Be it Highway, Railway, Airway, I-Ways or Information Ways, Water Ways, there is no such area in which the country is not progressing.

The country is advancing towards modernity. Be it Highway, Railway, Airway, I-Ways or Information Ways, Water Ways, there is no such area in which the country is not progressing

• In the last 9 years, we have given a lot of emphasis on development in the coastal areas, tribal areas as well as our hilly areas.
• We have given strength to these sections of the society by introducing schemes like Parvat Mala, Bharat Mala.
• We have ensured the work of mainstreaming our rich eastern India with gas pipelines.
• We have expanded the health infrastructure by sanctioning an increase in the number of hospitals. We have also announced an increase in the number of MBBS seats in medical colleges so that our children can fulfil their dream of serving the nation as doctors.
• We have laid emphasis on making education accessible to all by recommending imparting education in mother tongues.
• I sincerely appreciate the stance of the Supreme Court of India who will now be making it possible for the people who go to court to hear the judgment and receive the operative part in their respective mother tongues. The importance of mother tongue is growing in today’s times.

Vibrant Border Village & Aspirational District

For those villages which are known as Border villages of our country today, we have introduced a programme called Vibrant Border Village.

• The Border Villages of our country were considered as the last village of the country until now.
• We have transformed the entire thought process. It is not the last village of the country.
• Those visible on the border are the first village of my country.
• This is my frontline village and I am happy that today my special guests in this program are 600 headmen who have come to be a part of this important programme at this historic Red Fort from these first villages, border villages.
• They have travelled so far for the first time and have joined with new resolve, prowess, vigour and determination.
• We envisioned Aspirational District and Aspirational Block to reinstate balanced development and its positive results can be seen today.
• Today, with the normal parameters of the states, these Aspirational Districts, which were once far behind, have shown better performance.
• I am positive that in the coming days, our aspirational districts and our aspirational blocks will definitely move forward.

World grapples with climate crises, we have shown the way

We have put forth the concept of “One World, One Family, One Future” for the G20 summit and are working in that direction. As the world grapples with climate crises, we have shown the way and launched the LifeStyle for Environment – Mission LiFE initiative. We formed the International Solar Alliance in collaboration with the world and many countries are now part of the International Solar Alliance. We have emphasized the importance of biodiversity and advanced the establishment of the “Big Cat Alliance”.

For the damage caused to infrastructure due to global warming from natural disasters, there is a need for long-term arrangements. Therefore, we have introduced the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) as a solution. While the world is currently witnessing conflicts in the oceans, we have provided the world with the concept of the “Sagar Platform” which can guarantee global maritime peace. Emphasizing the need for traditional medical practices in mind, we have worked

During the ‘Amrit Kaal’ of independence, when the nation celebrates 100 years of freedom in 2047, at that time, the Tricolour should be of a developed India in the world

towards establishing a global-level centre of the World Health Organization (WHO) in India. Through yoga and Ayurveda, we have worked for global well-being and health. Today, India is laying a strong foundation for global welfare. It is our collective responsibility to build upon this strong foundation.

In 2047, the Tricolour should be of a developed India

We have many dreams, clear resolutions, and definite policies. There is no questioning the intention. However, we must accept some truths and work towards their solutions. Therefore, my dear family members, I have come to the Red Fort today to seek your help and blessings, because in recent years, I have understood the nation’s needs and assessed its necessities. Based on my experience, I am saying that we must now address these matters with seriousness. During the ‘Amrit Kaal’ of independence, when the nation celebrates 100 years of freedom in 2047, at that time, the Tricolour should be of a developed India in the world. We must not pause even for a moment, nor should we step back. For this, awareness, transparency, and impartiality are the necessary strengths. We have to provide as much nourishment to this strength as possible.

It should be our collective responsibility to ensure that we can provide it through institutions as a citizen and as a family. And that’s why if we look at the history of the last 75 years, there was no dearth in India’s potential. And why can’t this country, which was once called the ‘golden bird’, rise again with that same potential? Friends, I have an unwavering belief that in 2047, when the country celebrates 100 years of independence, my country will be a developed India. And I am saying this on the basis of the strength of my country, our available resources and particularly trusting the power of youth, of those under 30 years of age.

We must fight against three evils

If the dreams are to be fulfilled, the resolutions are to be achieved, then it is the need of the hour to fight the three evils by holding the bull by its horns. Corruption is at the root of all the problems of our country. Like a termite, it has completely eaten away all the systems of the country, and all the capabilities of the country. Freedom from corruption, fight against corruption in every area and in every sector is the need of the hour. And countrymen, this is Modi’s commitment; it is my personal commitment that I will continue to fight against corruption.

Secondly, dynastic politics has destroyed our country. This dynastic system had gripped the country and snatched away the rights of the people of the country.

The third evil is appeasement. This appeasement has also stained the original thinking of the country, our harmonious national character. These people destroyed everything. And therefore, we must fight against these three evils with all our might.

The corrupt people absconded after robbing your hard-earned money. We confiscated 20 times more property, and hence people’s resentment towards me is very natural. But I have to intensify this fight against corruption. Compared to earlier times, we have now filed many more chargesheets in the court and getting bails is not easy. We are progressing by building such a firm system, because we are earnestly and honestly fighting against corruption.

Today, nepotism and appeasement have brought big misfortune to the country. Now how can this happen in democracy that a political party, and I am giving special emphasis on ‘political party’, has brought such a distortion in the democracy of my country. It can never strengthen India’s democracy. What is that disease: family politics. And what is their mantra? Party of the family, by the family and for the family. These parties deny capabilities and refuse to accept their competence. And therefore, for the strengthening of the democracy of this country we must liberate ourselves from nepotism.

Made every effort to fulfil trust

When I came in 2014, I came with a promise of change. In 2014, I made a promise to you that I will bring about change. And the 140 crore members of my family placed their trust in me, and I made every effort to fulfil that trust. The promise of Reform, Perform, Transform changed into belief because I had promised change. Through Reform, Perform, Transform, I have turned this promise into belief. I have worked

In 2014, I made a promise to you that I will bring about change. And the 140 crore members of my family placed their trust in me, and I made every effort to
fulfil that trust

tirelessly, I have worked for the country, I have worked with pride, and I have done it with the spirit of “Nation First.” Based on my performance, you blessed me once again in 2019 and the promise of change brought me here. The next five years will be the years of unprecedented development. The next five years are the golden moments to realize the dream of 2047. And next time, on the 15th of August, from this very Red Fort, I will present to you the achievements of the country, your capabilities, the progress made by you, the successes achieved with even greater self-confidence.

I am a person who has embarked on this journey with determination, and I believe that the struggles undertaken by our ancestors for independence and the dreams they had are with us today. The blessings of those who made sacrifices during the struggle for independence are with us. An opportunity has come for the 140 crore citizens of our country, and this opportunity has come with great potential and strength for us.

And therefore, my dear loved ones,
Today, as I converse with you in this ‘Amrit Kaal’, in the first year of the ‘Amrit Kaal’, I want to tell you with complete confidence –

As the wheel of time keeps turning,
The ever-revolving cycle of the Amrit Kaal,
Everyone’s dreams are my own dreams,
Nurturing all the dreams, moving steadily, bravely marching, our youth in stride,
With the right principles, forging a new way, setting the right pace, a new path,
Embrace challenges with steadfast courage, elevate the name of the nation in the world.

We must live every moment for the country

My family members in every corner of India and in every corner of the world, I once again extend my best wishes to all of you on the auspicious festival of Independence Day! And this Amrit kaal is the time of duty for all of us. This Amrit Kaal is the period for all of us to do something for Maa Bharati. During the war of independence, the generation that was born before 1947 got the opportunity to sacrifice their lives for the country. They did not leave any opportunity to die for the country. But we do not have the opportunity to die for the country. But there cannot be a greater opportunity than this for us to live for the country! We must live every moment for the country and with this resolution, we need to frame a new resolve for fulfilling the dreams of 140 crore countrymen in this ‘Amrit Kaal’. The resolution of 140 crore countrymen needs to be accomplished and when the Tricolor will be hoisted in 2047, then the world will be praising a developed India. With this belief, with this determination, my best wishes to all of you. My heartiest congratulations!

Jai Hind, Jai Hind, Jai Hind!
Bharat Mata ki Jai, Bharat Mata ki Jai, Bharat Mata ki Jai!
Vande Mataram! Vande Mataram! Vande Mataram!
Thank you very much!