No-confidence motion is a betrayal with the country : PM

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                                   PM’s address in Parliament

Responding to the debate on the no-confidence motion on August 10, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi thanked the people of India and expressed his deep sense of gratitude to the people who have reposed trust in the BJP-led NDA Government time and again. He said that this motion is a betrayal with the country and is not acceptable to the people of this country. We are publishing synopsis of the speech for our esteemed readers :

I have brought myself in attendance here to express my deep sense of gratitude to the people who have reposed trust in our government time and again. The womb of time is technology driven. Today Data is, in a way, considered to be second gold. Given its relevance, a serious discussion was called for but your priority rested with politics. There were such Bills that were related to the villages and were aimed at the welfare of the poor, the Dalits, the backward. the tribal people and were concerned with their future prospects but sadly, the Opposition doesn’t seem to have any interest in doing things for their uplift and welfare. The people of the country who have elected them to this House for a specific purpose have also been subjected to stratagem and deception. You are not at all concerned about the future of the youth of the country. The only thing you remain concerned about is your political interest.

Critically Significant time

There comes a time in the history of a nation when it moves forward surfeit with new energy, novel passion, with new dreams and new resolution. I am saying this in this sacrosanct temple of democracy with all sincerity and of course, I am making this assertion having been equipped with huge wealth of experience in the domain. The Twenty first Century is such a time of this century which has afforded us a plethora of opportunities to translate all our dreams into reality. This period of time is critically significant. In the changing global order, I would like to say with fair degree of confidence that whatever substantive development shall take place during this segment of time shall hugely impact the nation for 1000 years down the line. The endeavours coupled with perseverance undertaken by 140 crore countrymen with a substantive degree of employment of their pool of energy has the potential to lay a strong foundation to sustain for 1000 years in the seeds of time. At such juncture all of us ought to have a solitary focus that is the development of the country and a resolve to fulfil their cherished dreams.

We have enhanced the image of the country

The competence of our youth is gaining recognition and acknowledgement all over the world. So we have reasons to lend credence to their caliber. The dreams our youth have harboured in their hearts and minds are to be reinforced with our commitment to enable them complete their course from dreams to their realization in actual sense of the term. It was in the year 2014 that the people of the country voted us to power with absolute majority after 30 years’ interregnum. Thereupon, in view of our previous track record they have voted us to power once again in the year 2019 lending a prime consideration to the thought as to which party or alliance of parties can help them realize their dreams. They have duly identified the political party equipped with the vision to accomplish whatever they had envisioned. Being driven by the same sentiment the nation once again supported us to come to power with all the more numerical strength.

We have enhanced the image of the country which had been awfully dented by the previous dispensation. Today we are in receipt of a record Foreign Direct Investment. Poverty is declining at a rapid pace, as per the Report of the NITI Aayog around thirteen and a half crore people have come out of poverty during the last five years. The IMF has mentioned in a working paper that extreme Poverty has almost been eliminated in india. With respect to the DBT and our other Social Welfare Schemes it has been remarked by the IMF that it is a logistical marvel.

Through Jal Jeevan Mission lives of four lakh indigent, exploited and disadvantaged people are being saved. Lives of three lakh people have been saved through Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. UNICEF has reported that every year the poor are able to save fifty thousand rupees attributed to Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. But some of the parties including the Congress suffer from the lack of faith in these achievements of India. A narrative has been created relating to HAL and LIC. Both LIC and Bank are gaining strength with the progress of time. I hold the firm conviction that the country is also going to gain further strength and the same holds true with democracy.

In the Congress regime the economy of the country was hanging at the 10th, 11th or 12th position in World Economic order but post 2014 India has notched it position among the top five economies of the world

India has notched it position among the top five economies of the world

The country was in the state of near bankruptcy in the year 1991. In the Congress regime the economy of the country was hanging at the 10th, 11th or 12th position in World Economic order but post 2014 India has notched it position among the top five economies of the world. I would like to take this opportunity to share with the House that it is nothing but strict adherence to the formula of reform, perform and transform, an ordered planning and assiduous effort that has catapulted us to reach this stage. And I have nice to assure you that continuity of this planning and diligence shall be maintained. New reforms shall be allowed to take place as per requirement and wholehearted effort shall be put in leading to propelling the position of our country to the first rank in the global economic order. Whenever any new plan or policy is devised, the opposition parties tend to express their lack of faith in them. Whether it be Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or the opening of Jan Dhan Accounts, Startup India, Digital India, Make in India or any other scheme, every scheme has been laughed at by the Opposition.

Tarnished image cannot be refurbished by mere change of name

They are stricken with the idea that through mere alteration of the name of their alliance they would be able to refurbish their tarnished image leading to their being voted to power. The fact remains that the poor find their name all around but their work is not visible anywhere. Hospitals have been named after them but the treatment facility is not there. They have named roads, Parks after them. A slew of schemes aimed at the welfare of the poor are named after them. Sports Awards, names of Airports, museum etc have been named after them and subsequently, so many schemes have been launched after their names only to end up in vice of corrupt practices. The man standing last in the row wanted to see something actually happening on the ground but what did he get at the end of the day. Nothing but name and that too of a particular family, the framers of our constitution had always been opposed to family centric politics. Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Baba Saheb Ambedkar, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Maulana Azad, Gopinath Bordoloi, Loknayak Jai Prakash , Dr Lohia and others had openly criticized dynasty politics as the common man of the country has to bear the brunt of this kind of politics.

Opposition peddles lies to distort truth

The Congress has always neglected the contribution made by Sardar Patel. We have been privileged enough to have an opportunity to erect the highest Statue of Unity of the world dedicated to Sardar Saheb. The PM Museum is dedicated to all the Prime Ministers rising above party politics. There was a time when a few privileged ones would get their robes dry cleaned abroad by consigning them by air. Now times have undergone a radical change and even a common man wearing hawai chappal has been enabled to fly by air. It is largely because of unrealistic promises made to the people just to win elections that in a few of the States people are being subjected to bear with new sorts of burdens and proper announcements are being made for the closure of the projects. I can clearly visualize the outcome of the economic policies espoused by the alliance formed by the Opposition. I would like to warn and, in a way, make them perceive the truth that the political alliance formed quite recently is a guarantee to drag the country to the state of bankruptcy.

Had the opposition agreed to allow the Hon. Home Minister to make a statement on the Manipur issue, an extensive discussion would have taken place solely dedicated to the state of affairs in Manipur. When Hon. Minister of Home Affairs made his speech yesterday without chewing or mincing words covering each and every aspect, the countrymen were agape how the Opposition can peddle lies to such an extent and distort the truth. He spoke on all the issues for which the want of confidence has

I would like to assure our mothers and daughters in Manipur that we shall spare no efforts to enable Manipur move ahead fast on the path of development

been moved today. It is also incumbent upon the Treasury Bench to present facts before the countrymen and add new strength to the confidence of the country and thus give a befitting reply to all those who have mistrust in the country.

Hon. Minister of Home Affairs elaborated on all the issues without any political motive and presented the facts with no ounce of falsehood. He voiced the concerns facing the government and the country both. His speech essentially was an attempt to make the citizens of the country aware of the unalloyed truth. He explained how a court judgment was pronounced and we all know the case with the courts. In the wake of the judgment incidents of violence started taking place arising out of animosity between certain communities. So many families and households suffered beyond measure. A good many people have lost their dear and near ones. Women have also suffered crimes of serious nature. The violence in Manipur is saddening and unpardonable. Crimes against women are unacceptable and the Centre and the State Governments are working together to ensure that the guilty are punished. I would like to assure our mothers and daughters in Manipur that we shall spare no efforts to enable Manipur move ahead fast on the path of development.

I am emotionally attached to North East

I am emotionally attached to North East. It is close to our hearts. Many of the problems that have flared up in the State are not of recent origin but are a hangover from the previous Congress Government that had administered the State. Manipur was consumed in the conflagration of insurgency. When the administration was under the sway of insurgents, Incidents of dropping of Bomb on the statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose at the Azad Hind Fauz Museum at Moirang took place and the National Anthem was banned from being played in schools, when insurgents bombed the ISKCON temple, when the temples stopped ringing by 4 PM and the security forces had to guard these locked temples. During the entire period, it was the Congress that was running the Government.

The Opposition remains concerned about nurturing political interest only. They can’t afford to think beyond politics and their empathy is selective. For the last six years since when the NDA led Government is in Manipur, we are putting all efforts to find a solution to these problems. The more we stay away from political consideration in the face of such problems, the more peaceful solutions shall come up. I would like to assure the countrymen that the North East may seem far to you but I can visualize that a changing world order will see the rise of the ASEAN region and bring the North East in focus. This is why I am fighting for the progress of the North East with all might and strength at my disposal today. I am not doing so for the sake of votes. The way this structure is going to impact within South East Asia and among the ASEAN countries, I am sure, the North East is going to gain enormous significance.

Our Government has accorded top priority to the development of North East

Our Government has accorded top priority to the development of the North East. Over the last 9 years infrastructure projects of the order of lakhs and crores of rupees have been put in place. Trains like the Vande Bharat has for the first time been introduced in the North East. Likewise, we have many firsts to our credit when it comes to taking care of the North East Region. The introduction of a modern train like the Vande Bharat, Greenfield Airport in Arunachal Pradesh, Air connectivity with Sikkim, etc are cases in point. For the first time ever a premier Institute like AIIMS in the North East, Indian Institute of Mass Communication in Mizoram have been established. The first Sports University of the country is going to be set up in Manipur. It is for the first time that the representation of the North East reason has

When I assert‘Sabka Saath, Sabka vikas”, this is not a mere slogan to us. This is an article of faith for me. We are committed to it

gone up like never before. When I assert‘Sabka Saath, Sabka vikas”, this is not a mere slogan to us. This is an article of faith for me. We are committed to it.

Every moment of Parliament must be used in the interest of the country

Parliament is not a platform for the Political parties, rather it is a supremely esteemed Institution and hence Hon. Members are obliged to be sincere enough.
Every moment of Parliament must be used in the interest of the country. I have unwavering faith among the people of this country. My faith is seamless and open ended. I can say with full confidence that the people of our country are essentially driven by the element of faith and trust. For the last 9 years the trust of the common man of the country has been touching new heights. The youth of our country dream to compete with the world. What else can one expect from the citizens of the country? They are suffused with the element of confidence among them. Over the last few years, we have been successful in laying a strong foundation of a developed India. We have envisioned that by the year 2047 when the country would be celebrating 100 years of Independence, it would be counted among the developed nations and this would be possible through diligence, perseverance, resolution and the collective strength of the countrymen. History is going to bear the accounts of our deeds and the era committed to the edifying the foundation of the country to translate the dream of a prosperous India shall be looked upon with distinction.

I would like to urge upon my colleagues in the House to keep pace with the temporal developments and move forward in a collaborative spirit. Earlier too, serious issues have surfaced in Manipur but we have been able to fix them by finding solutions thereto working in tandem with one another. Let’s join hands in finding a solution to the issues and it is advisable to at least not to take undue political advantage of the problems that have flared up in Manipur. Once again, I express my gratitude to those moving the Motion of No Confidence but this Motion is a motion of betrayal with the country and is not acceptable to the people of this country.