Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh voted for politics of performance over dynasty : Amit Shah

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After the massive election victories in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh on 18 December, 2017 addressing a press conference, BJP National President Shri Amit Shah said that the results of the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections showed that the people had voted for politics of performance.

He said it is a day of great joy for the BJP. BJP is forming government both in Himachal and Gujarat. I thank the people of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh for choosing development over caste politics. This win is due to hard work of the countless workers of the BJP and PM Modi’s pro-people policies. Dyansty, casteism and appeasement has lost to development and good governance. These results prove country is moving beyond those three evils to politics of performance, he said.

Shri Shah said in Gujarat, we are going to form government for the sixth time. The most prominent leaders of Cong have lost because they were trying to divide the people on the basis of religion and caste. He said the Congress’ attempt to fight elections through outsourcing has failed.

The people of Gujarat have reposed their faith on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and rejected the Congress’ divisive politics. They have rejected efforts that were made by the Congress to instigate people and divide them on the basis of caste and religion, he added.

He blamed the Opposition’s divisive politics for a drop in BJP’s seats in Gujarat. This is a victory of development over dynasty and polarization. We lost seats in Gujarat because the standard of political discourse was pulled down. There was an attempt to bring down level of discourse throughout campaign Shri Shah said.

Shri Amit Shah hailed the results as indicative of a new era in India’s democratic journey and brought attention to the fact that the BJP’s vote share in both states had actually increased.

Shri Shah said we are confident that when we go into 2019 elections under the leadership of PM Shri Narendra Modi, we will once again get people’s support. Modi ji’s aim for the youth in 2022 will become a reality,” he added.

You all can see what happened in Himachal Pradesh, where Congress was in power. The people have rejected them as they wanted to join PM Modi’s development yatra. BJP has continuously improved its standing in national politics, he said.

He said today BJP has 14 chief ministers and is part of 5 other ruling alliances; governs 19 states across the country. Four states are going to polls next. I’m sure that BJP will win under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

For the BJP’s vote share to not fall after so many years in Gujarat is a remarkable feat. I would like to thank all the party workers once again. They have worked very very hard throughout. We were on the receiving end of loose talk and baseless allegations. Can we not respond to such words against the prime minister?

Shri Shah added that the BJP was guaranteed to win in 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

“All sections of society have voted above caste politics. This is a win of development politics of the Prime Minister. In Gujarat, OBC, patidar, dalit all were used for caste politics by the Congress but caste politics could not get success. People have approved of our policies and work done under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his development agenda. As far as Rahul Gandhi is concerned, after he became Congress president, he has lost Himachal Pradesh and could not bring the Congress in power to Gujarat.”
— Nitin Gadkari, Union Road & Transport Minister

“Newly-elected Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi in his opening innings has scored a zero”.
— Manohar Parrikar,
Goa Chief Minister

“The people of Gujarat have once again voted for development. They once again reposed faith in the BJP leadership. It shows there is no alternative to the BJP in the country.
— Smt. Vasundhara Raje, Rajasthan Chief Minister

“I had already said this would happen. A change of guard in the Congress leadership will be a good sign for the BJP. That aside, people have rejected divisive politics of Congress, this win is due to the dynamic leadership of BJP and the hard work of BJP workers”.
— Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister

“BJP’s victory in the Assembly elections showed people’s unshakable faith in the agenda of development, caste-less and classless society. I acknowledge with humility people’s verdict who have voted for BJP and reposed faith in the politics of good governance – a dominant theme flourished by Prime Minister Modi on the Indian political landscape.”
— Vijay Rupani, Gujarat Chief Minister

This is a blessing by the people to the leadership of the Prime Minister and his government. It shows that they support his vision for development.
— Piyush Goyal, Union Railway Minister

“It is a matter of happiness for us; this is the victory of development. Jo jeeta wohi sikandar. It is victory of every booth worker’s hard work & the people who trusted development”.
— Smt. Smriti Irani, Union IB Minister

The election results have proven that the bullet train of development, under PM Modi’s leadership, has emerged victorious. The opposition, which violated all campaign norms, have been shown their place by the people.”
— Ashish Shelar, Mumbai BJP President