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The massive mandate given by the people in the Lok Sabha elections 2019 has not only manifested the immense trust the country has in the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and BJP but also that the nation looks forward to the Modi-government with lots of hopes and expectations for the future. The stunning mandate has left the political analyst still grappling to decipher the phenomenon that has resulted in such a massive victory of the BJP led NDA while opposition stands decimated at the ground. BJP National General Secretary (Organization) Shri Ram Lal highlighted various aspects of this massive mandate and its implications in the days to come along with BJP organizational plans and goals of the Modi government in an interview with Kamal Sandesh Executive Editor
Dr. Shiv Shakti Bakshi. Excerpts:

Please accept hearty congratulations for the massive mandate by the people to BJP and NDA in the Lok Sabha elections 2019. What do you think are the reasons that people have given such a huge mandate to BJP in the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi?

One important reason for BJP getting such a huge success in the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi is the trust of people in the leadership. Trust that the mandate will ensure the respect of the nation, security of the nation, development of the nation, welfare of the poor, transparent governance, honesty and integrity, sensitivity in the interest of people , tough decisions wherever required and in taking India to newer heights. In the five years the government without discriminating with anyone and with the idea of ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas’ worked tirelessly and relentlessly to raise the living standard of the people. Those who have got electricity, gas, toilets, pucca houses, health-insurance upto five lac under Ayushman Bharat, Kisan Samman Nidhi in the accounts of farmers, Mudra loan to youth – all of them felt that these things were possible because Modi ji is at the helms of affairs. Modiji is ours and for us. BJP has got 32% votes more. It has received five crore more votes than last time.

After the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, political analysts were of the opinion that to repeat the feat of 2014 was difficult in 2019. But in 2019 the success was even bigger than 2014 – How it was made possible?

In 2014, there were hopes that something will happen. In 2019 this hope got transformed into aspirations that we have to touch newer heights. So people were in favour of continuity. The leadership of other parties neither appeared credible nor sincere. The kind of language that was used for the prime minister of the country is not liked by the Indian mind. People didn’t consider the claims made by opposition like ‘tape recorder’ but they preferred to consider ‘track record’. The ‘tape recorder’ claim was not fit to be believed. Not only this, the people also experience clearly the difference between the functioning of our governments and other parties’ governments in the states.

The people of India also saw that the opposition parties were not able to come out of dynasty, caste and appeasement politics. This mandate was against these evils in the democracy. People chose ‘politics of performance’. An elected government got pro-incumbency mandate. It is a positive mandate by rejecting the evils in politics. It is for good leader, good government and a better country.

BJP is an ideology based party and also known for its organizational uniqueness. What kind of work-plan at organizational level has made BJP a unique organization?

Definitely, BJP right from its inception is considered to be an ideology based party. Our ideology is – ‘Nation First’. It is therefore we are called nationalist. From 1951 onwards, we have led movements on many such issues which were related to the unity and integrity of the nation and the self respect of the nation. We have always set the agenda. In the beginning it was about national security, about democracy in the 70s, about securing the culture in the 80s, about protecting the national self respect in the 90s and after that good governance, development and welfare of the poor has become our hallmarks. Our governments are today realizing the principle of Deendayal ji’s Antyoday (welfare of the last man in the society).

The hopes and expectations of the entire country are linked with the new government. What kind of change are we going to see in the country in the coming days?

Definitely, we have made party ideology- based along with cadre- based. We have expanded the organization also through a series of training programmes at all levels, systematic conduct of the meetings of different levels, reach and

participation of all the sections of the society through Morcha/ Cells/ Departments. You must be remembering that after the victory of 2014 while Modiji gave the credit to the blessings of the people, he also said that this victory was dedicated to the Karyakartas at the booth level. This time also along with the people he mentioned about the efforts of the Panna Pramukhs working at the booth level. When the karyakartas at the smaller units are given credit by the supreme leader then you may well understand how the self confidences of even smaller karyakartas get enhanced.
Any incident that takes place anywhere, whether in Kerala or Bengal or any other place, there is turmoil in the entire party. Everyone feels someone his own has left us. This sense of being a family is our strength. We have kept everyone connected through modern techniques.

Live contacts were maintained by making WhatsApp groups and through call centres along with audio/video conferences at every level. The information was going down from higher level and feedbacks were coming up from lower levels. The corrective measures were also taken as per the feedbacks. Contents were made available by the social media and appropriate answers were being given to the allegations of the opponents. Through different programmes karyakartas continuously remained active and kept in touch with the society at large.

Programmes were conceptualized with the aim of enhancing the enthusiasm of the karyakartas, maintain dialogue with the people and to create positive atmosphere in the country.

In the leadership of national President Shri Amit Shah, the hard work and zeal of the entire team brought success of this scale. Shri Amit Shah has now an image of an adept strategist and one who works like a warrior in adverse circumstances.

The elections management was efficiently done through ‘sanchalan samitis’ at central, state, Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha levels. Every BJP karyakarta feels that in the party he has scope to reach anywhere. The one who worked a booth can become national president and by working in the organization and grooming his talents one can become even MLA, MP, chief minister and prime minister.

So, here everyone works by connecting and having faith on each other. This sense of togetherness makes BJP a unique organisation and instills confidence in getting success in every circumstances.

Hope, expectation and aspirations are the basis on which governments are made. In the leadership of Hon’ ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the new government will definitely march forward with full speed. Earlier also, speed and scale have been the defining features of this government and in the coming days also it will remain so. This government is not which only shows dreams but this government believes in fulfilling those dreams.

It is our effort that people get basic facilities, they get it easily, they get opportunities to work and move forward in their lives, per capita income increases, they get quality education and health and India will emerge as a secure and respected nation with its glorious cultural traditions – it is our believe.

New India means safe and secure India, respected, glorious, confident and prosperous India.

The expectations of the people are now linked with the BJP. In many more states people’s support is increasing immensely – what BJP plans organizationally in this context?

For us politics is not comfort but service. It is not right but duty. It is not enjoyment of power but saadhana. The states where our organization is not so strong, there we will strengthen ourselves with full force. The states where we are strong, we will try to become stronger. Success is not an occasion for us to take rest but to maximize our efforts and work even beyond our limits. Each and every karyakarta understands the responsibility reposed by success. Our membership campaign is about to start. With it we will go to every section of the society and reach every nook and corner of the country. Along with this, by connecting the people with welfare programmes of the government we will be able to raise watchful, responsible, accountable and strong organization and strong society at every booth.
We all have only one goal – to work tirelessly so that the world says ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’.

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