India proved the mettle of her leadership by making African Union a full member of G-20 : PM

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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on September 24 addressed the nation through 105th episode of his radio programme Mann Ki Baat. In his address he said, India has proved the mettle of her leadership by making African Union a full member of G-20. Here, we are publishing highlights of the address for esteemed readers :

• My family members, after the success of Chandrayaan-3, the grand hosting of G-20 doubled the joy of every Indian. Bharat Mandapam has turned out tobe a celebrity in itself. People are taking selfies with it and also posting them with pride. In this summit, India has proved the mettle of her leadership by making African Union a full member of G-20. You must be aware that duringthe time when India was very prosperous, the Silk Route was a part of discourse in our country and in the world. This Silk Route was a major medium of business and trade. Now in modern times, India has suggested another Economic Corridor in G-20. This is the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor. This corridor is going to become the basis of world trade for hundreds of years to come, and history will always remember that this corridor was initiated on Indian soil.
• My family members, two days from now, the 27th September, is ‘World Tourism Day’. Some people view tourism just as a means of touring and travelling, but a very big aspect of tourism is related to employment.
• The fascination towards India has risen a lot in the last few years and after the successful organization of G-20, the interest of the people of the world towards India has grown further.
• The Hoysala temples of Karnataka, which have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, are known for their excellent architecture of the 13th century. These temples getting recognition from UNESCO is also an honor to the Indian tradition of temple building.
• My dear family members, in our country education is always seen as a service. I have come to know about some youth of Uttarakhand, who are working for the education of children with the same spirit. Some youth in Nainital district have started unique‘Ghoda Library’ for children. The biggest feature of this library is that books are reaching children even in the most remote areas and not only this, the service is absolutely free. Till now 12 villages of Nainital have been covered through this. Local people are also coming forward to help in this noble cause related to children’s education.
• Friends, it is true that today’s era is of Digital Technology and E-Books, but still books always play the role of a good friend in our lives. Hence, we should motivate children to read books.
• My dear family members, this AzadiKaAmritKaal is also the period of duty for every citizen of the country. Only by performing our duties can we achieve our goals and reach our destination. In Sambhal UP, the country has seen such an example of sense of duty, which I want to share with you too. Just imagine…more than 70 villages, population of thousands and all the people coming together and uniting to achieve one goal…this rarely happens, but the people of Sambhalhave By walking on the path of duty, you too can become the medium of many such changes around you.