‘India’s G-20 presidency belongs to the entire nation’

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Statement on India’s G-20 Presidency

The Union Minister of External Affairs Shri S. Jaishankar made a Statement on India’s G-20 Presidency at the BJP National Executive Committee meeting held in New Delhi on January 16-17, 2023. Expressing its deep satisfaction over India’s G-20 Presidency the Statement said G20 provides us a platform to highlight developmental initiatives like “Make in India” and “Vocal for Local”. Gifts for the various meetings will be sourced from the ‘One District, One Product’ initiative. We are publishing excerpts of the Statement on G-20.

The G20 is a unique platform that brings together the 20 major economies that account for 80% of the global GDP, 75% of global trade and 60% of the global population. Since 2008, it has had a key role in international decision-making. That India has assumed its Presidency is a matter not only of national pride but an opportunity to help shape global agenda.


• Major international organizations like the UN, IMF, WHO etc. will also be attending the G20 meetings. As the current President, India has invited 9 other nations to be its guest. In all, 43 delegations would be participating in about 200 meetings throughout the year. We heartily welcome the delegates to India and wish them a pleasant visit and take back memories to cherish.
• Prime Minister Shri Modi believes that India’s G20 Presidency belongs to the entire nation and it is a unique opportunity to showcase its development, strengths and diversity to the world. The approximately 200 meetings will therefore be spread across the nation in more than 50 cities.
• India’s G20 Presidency is an occasion for the entire country to be proud of and everyone should ensure its success. As citizens, it is our collective responsibility to present India before the world in ways befitting its heritage, culture and civilization.


• India has taken up “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” or “One Earth, One Family, One Future” as its G20 Presidency theme. Its message is that key global challenges like economic growth, sustainable development, climate change, terrorism, and pandemics, can only be effectively addressed through cooperation.


• As a large number of foreign visitors including the delegates and diplomats will arrive in India during its Presidency, this is a huge opportunity to promote tourism and enhance awareness of our local products. All venues where G20 meetings would be organized would, therefore, witness programmes that are designed to maximize exposure to local culture, cuisine, heritage and dance and music. The approach that we should take must be in line with our tradition of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’.
• At the same time, foreign visitors would also note the transformation of our economy and society that is part of our journey towards a New India. In particular, our digital delivery, green growth, sustainable development, technology advances and human-centric governance will be subjects of their interest and attention.


• Being the torchbearers of New India, students and young people are India’s best cultural ambassadors for this occasion. As people from different parts of the world visit Indian states, the youth must spearhead initiatives in regard to the presentation of their respective states.
• The G20 Presidency presents an important platform for engaging civil society in various formats. This includes events under different categories like Women 20, Science 20, Civil 20, Think Tank 20, Startup 20, Labor 20, Urban 20, and Youth 20. Exhibitions on several government schemes related to these events can be set up at different locations showcasing the government’s work in the last 8 years.


• With the oldest-known traditions of collective decision-making, India during its G20 Presidency focuses on bringing the diverse stakeholders together and building consensus in a democratic way to resolve the global challenges. India can be rightly called as ‘Mother of Democracy’.
• Since the G20 is composed mainly of developed nations, India also has the responsibility to be the voice of the Global South. Their concerns about debt and economic recovery, as well as energy, food and fertilizer security are serious. Prime Minister Modi convened the ‘Voice of the Global South’ Summit process that covered more than 120 countries to ascertain their views and interests.


• The year 2023 will be celebrated as the ‘UN International Year of Millets’ at India’s initiative. This will be reflected in inclusion of our own millet recipes in all G20 events.
• G20 also provides us a platform to highlight developmental initiatives like “Make in India” and “Vocal for Local”. Gifts for the various meetings will be sourced from the One District One Product initiative.
• All the activities should be conducted in individual and social capacities. Society at large should be informed about G20 and motivated to showcase ‘New India’ and utilise the opportunities.