Narendra Modi’s innovative thought and its success story

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-Naresh Bhatia

Innovative thought process and out of the box thinking have been the hallmark of Shri Narendra Modi’s life. From Pracharak days till now as Prime Minister of India, there have been many incidents where these features came out evidently from him. One such incident was just after Emergency in 1979, when Shri Narendra Modi introduced ‘survey’ to gauge the public perception about the RSS in Rajkot.
Shri Naresh Bhatia, RSS Karyakarta recalls that Shri Narendra Modi was Pramukh of the Bauddhik Vibhag. One day he asked the Karyakartas to do an exercise which was new to everyone. He suggested us to do a survey to know about RSS’ perception in society. No one was used to such an exercise earlier so there was hesitant response to this idea. But he asked us to do it.
Shri Narendra Modi prepared a format for the survey and trained us about the questions that were to be asked from the respondents. He told us that all the Karyakartas will have to go to nearby households and ask the respondents these questions.

During the process he also cautioned that people may insult you but you don’t have to revert. He also said that people may welcome you don’t be very happy.
So, all the karyakartas went on to conduct the survey to nearby homes. They came back after few hours and shared their experiences. All of them had good experience with the respondents. Some were even offered tea and snacks at the homes of the respondents, says Bhatia.
Further, Shri Narendra Modi collected the data, made a chart using bar diagrams and presented it to us through projector. It was new for everyone to analyse the survey and present the result in that format. The survey resulted in a positive response for the perception of the RSS in general public.
Shri Bhatia further says that the survey was new but it was also a training for all of the Karyakartas.