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Union Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh on 26 February, 2021 addressed a huge public rally in Balurghat of West Bengal and attacked the Mamata Banerjee-led TMC government for not implementing the Centre’s schemes in the state. He further said, “I don’t know if Didi allowed the opening of Jan Dhan accounts in West Bengal but when the scheme was brought, our former PM Rajiv Gandhi said out of 100 paise sent, people got 14 paise. Modi Ji said he’s not ‘majboor PM’ but ‘majboot PM’, and made sure 100 paisa reaches people.”

The Union Minister asserted that if the BJP will come into power in West Bengal, the party will ensure that the government will follow the principle “Justice to all, appeasement of none”. He opined that it shall not continue the tradition of establishing the government on the basis of caste and religion. Union Minister said, “We’ll not run govt on basis of caste and religion but on basis of justice and humanity. ‘Justice to all, appeasement of none’ will be our principle. TMC has put politics above people. It’s the reason they don’t allow the implementation of Centre’s schemes in State.”

Observing huge gathering at the BJP rallies, Shri Rajnath Singh said that it signifies that the republic of West Bengal want to bring the BJP to power, not Mamata Banerjee’s TMC. Union Defence Minister asserted, “People are gathering in huge numbers at our rallies in West Bengal. It shows that people of State have made up their minds to oust Mamata didi and bring BJP.”