Kushabhau Thakre : Jayanti–15 August

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                                                                           Shat-Shat Naman !
Shri Kushabhau Thakre was born on August 15, 1922 in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh to parents Dr. Sundar Rao Shripati Rao Thakre and Smt. Shanta Bai Sundar Rao Thakre. He was educated at Dhar and Gwalior.

In 1942, he was inducted as a Pracharak in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh then moved to the Ratlam Division (Ratlam, Ujjain, Mandsaur, Jhabua, Chittaur, Kota, Bundi, halawad, Banswada (Rajasthan) and Dahod (Gujarat)). Shri Kushabhu Thakre remains a guiding light to thousands of karyakartas of BJP who were inspired by him to dedicate themselves to nation building process. He is remembered as true karyakarta who held high offices in the party but always remained connected to the ground and committed to ideology and organization.

RSS & Jana Sangh:

Shri. Kushabhau Thakre was associated with the RSS since 1942. He became Pracharak in 1942 at Neemunch (M.P.) and then moved to the Ratlam Division(Ratlam, Ujjain, Mandsaur, Jhabua, Chittaur, Kota, Bundi, Jhalawad, Banswada(Raj.), Dahod (Gujarat)).

A glimpse of his journey through
the years in the Bharatiya Jana Sangh

1956 : Secretary (Organisation), Madhya Pradesh since its inception.
1967 : National Secretary, Bharatiya Jana Sangh, Orissa and also additional In-charge of Gujarat.
1974 : National Secretary (Organisation), BJS
1977 : President, Madhya Pradesh
1977 : Jailed for 19 months during Emergency.
1979 : Elected to Lok Sabha in a bye-election from Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh.
1980 : Was appointed National Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party and In-charge of Gujarat, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh. Remained on this post upto 1984.
1984 to 1986 : National Vice-President, BJP
1986 to 1991 : BJP National General Secretary and In-charge of Madhya Pradesh.
1991 to 1993 : BJP National Vice-President and In-charge of Uttar Pradesh.
1993 : BJP General Secretary (Organisation) and In-charge Madhya Pradesh.
1998 to 2000 : National President Bharatiya Janata Party.
He left for his heavenly abode on December 28, 2003. We pay our respect to the great soul on him jayanti on 15th August.