Kutch Has Taken Entire Gujarat To New Heights : PM

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PM visits Gujarat

The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 28 August inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of projects worth around Rs 4400 crore in Bhuj. Earlier, he also inaugurated Smriti Van Memorial in Bhuj district, Gujarat.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said that Smriti Van Memorial in Bhuj and Veer Bal Smarak at Anjar are the symbols of shared pain of Kutch, Gujarat and the entire country. He recalled when the concept of Anjar Memorial came up and a resolution was taken for completing the memorial via voluntary work, ‘Kar Seva’. He said that these memorials are being dedicated with a heavy heart in the remembrance of the lives lost in the devastating earthquake. He also thanked the people for their warm welcome.

The Prime Minister continued, “Kutch has always had one specialty, which I often discuss. Even if a person sows a dream while walking on the way here, then the whole of Kutch gets involved in making it a banyan tree. These sacraments of Kutch proved every apprehension, every assessment wrong.

There were many who said that now Kutch will never be able to stand on its feet. But today the people of Kutch have completely changed the scenario here.” He recalled that the first Diwali after the earthquake, he and his state cabinet colleagues spent in the area in solidarity with the people. He said that in that hour of challenge, we proclaimed that we will turn disaster into opportunity (‘aapda se awasar’). “When I say from the ramparts of the Red Fort that India will be a developed country by 2047, you can see that amidst death and disaster, we made some resolutions and we realized them today. Similarly, what we resolve today, we will surely realize in 2047”, he said

Highlighting the incredible work done since its complete devastation in 2001, the Prime Minister said that Krantiguru Shyamji Krishnavarma University was formed in 2003 in Kutch, while more than 35 new colleges have also been established. He also talked about earthquake proof district hospitals and more than 200 functional clinics in the area and every household gets clean water of holy Narmada, a far cry from the days of water scarcity in those days. He elaborated on the steps of ensuring water security in the region. He said that due to the blessings of the people of the Kutch, all the key areas have been connected with Narmada water. “Kutch Bhuj Canal will benefit the people and farmers of the region”, he said. He also congratulated Kutch for becoming number one fruit producing district of entire Gujarat. He lauded the people for making unprecedented strides in cattle rearing and milk production. “Kutch has not only picked itself up but has taken the entire Gujarat to new heights”, he added.

The Prime Minister recalled the time when Gujarat was hit with one crisis after another. He said, “While Gujarat was dealing with the natural calamity, the period of conspiracies started. In order to defame Gujarat in the country and in the world, one after another conspiracy was hatched to stop the investment here.” The Prime Minister highlighted how even with such a situation at hand, Gujarat became the first state in the country to enact a Disaster Management Act.

He said that Kutch has the largest cement plants in the world today. Kutch is second in the world regarding welding pipe manufacturing. World’s second largest textile plant is in Kutch. Asia’s first SEZ came up in Kutch. Kandla and Mundra ports handle 30 per cent of India’s cargo and it produces 30 per cent salt for the country. Kutch produces 2500 MW power generated by solar and wind energy and the largest solar hybrid park is coming up in Kutch. The Prime Minister further added that Gujarat has a big role to play in the Green House campaign that is going on in the country today. Similarly, when Gujarat makes its mark as the Green House Capital of the world, Kutch will contribute a lot to it.